Houthis Claim Israeli-Linked Ship Attacked In Mediterranean Sea, Two Others In Red & Arabian Seas

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, May 24, 2024 - 02:03 PM

Yahya Saree, the military spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, associated with the Iran-backed Houthis, announced a broad military operation targeting three vessels linked to either the US and/or Israel: one in the Red Sea, one in the Arabian Sea, and one in the Mediterranean Sea. 

Here's the translated post on X from Yahya Sare:

"Statement by the Yemeni Armed Forces regarding the implementation of 3 qualitative operations on 3 ships in the Red and Arab Seas and the Mediterranean Sea, within the framework of the fourth phase of escalation in support of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. 11-16-1445 AH 05-24-2024 AD." 

Details are scant at the moment, and Western MSM has yet to confirm these attacks. If it is confirmed, it might be seen as unprecedented and underscore broadening spillover risks. 

Some media outlets are beginning to report... 

Earlier this month, we penned a note titled "Houthis Warn Drone & Missile Attack Coverage Expanding To Mediterranean Sea." We specified, at the time, how Yahya Saree warned about new targeting strategies for "any ship heading to Israeli ports in the Mediterranean." 

Here's what X users are saying:

In a timely note to clients, Rapidan Energy Group said this on Thursday: 

"US comments that the Houthis can reach targets in the Mediterranean underscore the long-term challenges to commercial shipping in the region, but the Houthis can’t reliably target Mediterranean shipping in the near term. While the Houthis have drones and missiles that can target stationary, land-based sites on Israel’s Mediterranean coast, hitting moving targets would be challenging. One-off attacks are possible, as the Houthis may be able to set up mobile signal relays to allow an operator to successfully guide a long-range drone, but sanctions... "