"Humanity Really Has Hit Rock Bottom" - PJW Slams Both Sides' Reactions To Israeli Attacks: "They're All Malevolent Bastards"

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Oct 10, 2023 - 07:00 PM

Paul Joseph Watson (PJW) aims his acerbic eye at the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas, focusing on the brutal attacks by Hamas militants on innocent civilians, including children and partygoers - individuals who had no connection to the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.

"Hamas's assault on Israel was characterized by a series of brutal attacks against innocent civilians, young people, and children just trying to live their lives."

PJW then contrasts those scenes of horror with the shocking scenes of joy and celebration in major European cities and refugee camps in Greece following the attacks who were openly "gloating over terrorist attacks."

"Supporters in London reveling in the carnage, the same in Birmingham, similar scenes in America, turning violent migrants at a refugee camp in Greece waiting to be dispersed throughout Europe celebrating the horror."

PJW makes a particularly striking point, noting that, "if nothing else extinguishes the deadly myth of diversity being our strength will this?"

One can hardly be ashamed for having similar thoughts and raising doubts about the concept of multiculturalism when this is the behavior from large numbers of imported immigrants, as he challenges the idea that diversity inherently benefits society.

"Maybe diversity isn't a strength. What I thought multiculturalism was about Turkish kebabs and chicken chow, you mean to tell me it's more than that?"

PJW is careful to show the chaotic and reckless rhetoric from both sides of this

He criticizes prominent voices on the far left for defending the attacks and implies that they see mass migration to Western countries as a form of revenge against colonizers. It emphasizes the seriousness of these viewpoints and suggests that such perspectives could pose a threat to Western societies.

"Listen to them very carefully and take them deadly seriously because this is what they want to do to you and your family."

The video then shifts its focus to Israel's own controversial policies and actions against Palestinian civilians, highlighting that "every unspeakable horror that happened to innocent Israeli civilians is now happening to innocent Palestinian civilians."

But, condemning the violence on all sides of the conflict, PJW criticizes conservative commentators who advocated for further military action, expressing concern about potential global repercussions.

"They're all malevolent bastards, and Humanity really has hit rock bottom, hasn't it when saying brutally slaughtering innocent civilians is evil, whoever does it becomes the rarest take in response to all this."

Watson ends on an ominously depressing note, highlighting the apparent absence of any "good actors" in the conflict and the bleak state of humanity in the face of such violence.

Watch PJW's full monologue below: