Iran Says It Could Pursue Nuclear Weapons If Israel Threatens Atomic Sites

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Apr 18, 2024 - 03:05 PM

Iran's leadership has always strongly asserted that it is not pursuing the development of nuclear weapons, but instead has long sought a peaceful nuclear energy program. Various Ayatollahs over the decades have even declared the atomic bomb to be 'unIslamic' and against the teachings of the Koran.

But that could change, Iran's military now says, should Israel launch an attack against the Islamic Republic following last Saturday's own Iran strike on Israel which was retaliation for the Damascus embassy attack of April 1st.

The commander of Iran's Nuclear Centers Protection and Security Corps of the IRGC, Brigadier General Ahmad Haghtalab, has warned that any aggression against Iran could trigger a review of the country's nuclear stance.

 Brigadier General Ahmad Haghtalab, Mehr News Agency

"If Israel attempts to use the threat of attacking our country's nuclear centers as a means to pressure Iran, it is possible and conceivable that the Islamic Republic may reconsider its nuclear doctrine and policies, potentially deviating from previously announced stances," Haghtalab was cited in Tasnim news agency as saying.

"From the very beginning, Iran was ready to counter threats from Israel. Thanks to the use of passive defense plans, as well as the most modern weapons, thanks to the dispersal of nuclear facilities throughout Iran, we are ready to counter any threat from Israel to our nuclear facilities," Haghtalab said.

Iran has long endured suspected Israeli sabotage attacks against its nuclear facilities, especially massive cyberattacks that in some cases crippled operations systems. There have also been several 'mystery' explosions at these locations over the years.

"The International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN’s nuclear watchdog, has repeatedly expressed concerns about Iran’s expansive nuclear program," FT comments. "Tehran has for three years been enriching uranium at levels close to weapons grade."

FT in commenting on the fresh nuclear posture warning from Iran's military leadership has published a map of Iran's nuclear facilities...

Map via Financial Times

Yesterday, an interview was published by Sky News in which a former Israeli Mossad intelligence chief declared that as part of Israel's retaliation currently being mulled by the Netanyahu government, striking Iranian nuclear facilities "is on the table."

The former director of the spy agency, named Zohar Palti, described that he has "no doubt" that PM Netanyahu could "attack sensitive facilities" in Iran as some cabinet ministers are urging it. Palti further said the question of deciding the timing of Israel's retaliation operation is "still ongoing" and that some officials are urging Netanyahu to attack "as soon as possible." However, others in Tuesday's war cabinet meeting argued for getting international backing first, especially from Western partners.