Islamists Planned Huge Attacks In Europe On Christian Sites Over Christmas Period

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Dec 25, 2023 - 01:10 PM

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Modernity,news,

Authorities at key locations are on high alert after it was revealed that Islamists planned attacks throughout Europe targeting Christian sites.

Security services in Germany, Spain, Austria have beefed up their presence outside churches and other major landmarks after learning terrorists had schemed to bring chaos to major cities over the Christmas period.

Concern was particularly high around Cologne Cathedral in Germany, site of the infamous New Year’s Eve 2015 mass molestation of women by huge gangs of migrants from North Africa.

“Sniffer dogs trained to detect explosives were deployed at Cologne Cathedral after a specific threat was received regarding the Gothic landmark as authorities sought to ensure that no devices had already been planted at the location,” reports Remix News.

“Due to a warning of danger for Cologne Cathedral, the Cologne police will take special protective measures from this evening,” a spokesperson for the city’s police told German tabloid Bild.

Counter-terror operations are also underway in Vienna and Madrid, with St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna being mentioned as a specific target as well as Christmas markets.

“Since terrorist actors across Europe are calling for attacks on Christian events — especially around Dec. 24 — the security authorities have increased the corresponding protective measures in public spaces in Vienna and the federal states,” Austrian federal police said in a press release.

Authorities in Austria made several arrests last night of ISIS-linked terrorists who were planning mass casualty attacks, according to reports.

Happy Christmas everybody, and never forget that diversity is our greatest strength.

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