Israel, Palestine, & The "Weaponized Morality" Of The Media

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Nov 06, 2023 - 01:55 AM

In his inimitable style, comedian JP Sears dares to touch the third rail of 'whose side to be on' - Israel vs Palestine in his latest clip.

The satirical conversation between two individuals cynically discuss being pro-war and anti-peace, highlighting a grim acceptance of conflict as inevitable.

"I think we're on the brink of World War III. I'm very happy for the military-industrial complex."

The discussion is framed to suggest that their enthusiasm for war is not genuine, but rather a product of media influence, which is depicted as "weaponized morality."

"I've effectively been manipulated by weaponized morality via the media."

The two 'Sears' imply - in their ironic manner - that the media's portrayal of events has the power to manipulate public sentiment, skewing perceptions of the conflict to support a war agenda.

"The media is just telling us what's going on, it just so happens that hearing what they tell us has swayed us all to want an incredibly deadly thing."

Throughout the conversation, there's a mocking acknowledgment of the reciprocal nature of the aggression and the underlying causes of the conflict. The speakers sarcastically agree on the necessity of retribution against Hamas for attacks on Israeli civilians, while simultaneously noting the disproportionate response that leads to Palestinian civilian casualties; highlighting the polarized views around the world, including extreme positions that echo historical prejudices and the actions of the Israeli government that some deem unjust.

"There's just no justice in peace."

The dialogue also references the role of US foreign policy and its financial involvement in the region, hinting at the possibility of a hidden agenda behind the support of both sides, where governments might be conspiring to instigate conflict to serve undisclosed goals (and leveraging media narratives to rally public support).

"The US is funding both sides of the war, giving $6 billion to Iran to give to Hamas, and we're sending billions to Israel to aid in their military effort."

JP encapsulates this 'conspiracy' by noting Netanyahu's recent presentation at the UN (showing a map of the MidEast with no Palestine on it) and the insinuation that the Israeli government's previous funding of Hamas could be part of a calculated plan to justify military actions against Palestine.

"War was the goal all along meant to accomplish a further goal that's not being honestly shared by certain governments."

Enjoy JP's satirical take on the debacle...