Kyle Bass Says Email Hacking By China Follows Exposé On Secret ChiCom Hypersonic Space Station Base In Argentina

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Apr 11, 2024 - 05:40 PM

Dallas-based hedge fund manager Kyle Bass claims the Chinese government hacked his email account after he quoted an article on X about a 'secret' space station base in the Patagonia region of Argentina that the Chinese military use "to steer their hypersonic weapons over the pole." 

"The Chinese need this 'secret' space station in Argentina to steer their hypersonic weapons once over the pole. Milei should take it down (or somebody else will 🇺🇸)," Bass wrote on X. 

Bass was quoting an article on X account Indo-Pacific News - Geo-Politics & Defense that wrote:

The space station can have a military role in tracking missiles & satellites in the southern hemisphere. 

US Ambassador to Argentina Marc Stanley told the Argentine newspaper La Nación that he was surprised Argentina allowed Chinese armed forces to operate a base on its territory. 

Argentina is considering a formal inspection of a Chinese "space station" on Argentine territory built during a previous socialist presidency, the government confirmed on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Bass said, "It only took the Chinese government 48hrs to retaliate after this post about their 'secret' hypersonic guiding facility in Argentina. They breached my Microsoft Exchange account yesterday and sent 6,000 emails from my account with a Dropbox link full of malware."

He added:

One X user asked Bass: "How did you discover the source of the hack so quickly, Kyle. That's impressive."  

He responded: "It's nice to have friends in good places." 

Another X user said, "Protonmail would welcome you."