Labour MP Says "Millions Of White Men" 'Beat Or Murder' Women In The UK Every Week

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Feb 29, 2024 - 08:30 AM

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In response to a debate about Muslim ‘no-go areas’ in the UK, a Labour MP said there were “millions of white men” who “beat or murdered women this week”.

Yes, really.

Tory MP Paul Scully is being attacked by the media and political class for saying there are ‘no-go’ areas in parts of Birmingham and London with large Muslim populations.

YouTuber Mayhar Tousi commented, “There are definitely “no-go” areas in London and Birmingham. It should not be a controversial comment.”

Labour MP Jess Phillips then responded, “Name them? I’ll go to them I’ll make you a little video.”

When another user cited a case in Newcastle of a Muslim man who spat in a baby’s face and shouted, “white people shouldn’t breed,” Phillips chimed in again.

“This man is horrific, just like the millions of white men I could post about who beat or murdered women this week, but I’m not stupid enough to blame all white men for that, are you?” she wrote.

Since the entire argument was predicated around crime in the UK, Phillips appears to be suggesting that every week in the UK “millions” of white men beat or murder women, a claim suffice to say that isn’t backed up by any evidence.

According to The Crime Survey for England and Wales, 1.4 million women per year experience domestic abuse, which equates to about 27,000 a week, and you can then lower that number significantly when you remove non-white abusers, women who beat other women, and abuse that isn’t physical.

Respondents on x had a field day.

On the wider debate over whether there were Muslim ‘no-go areas’ in Birmingham, the Birmingham Mail itself admits that the area has “no go areas” where residents do not feel safe due to rampant crime.

According to the same media outlet, the city center of Birmingham also has a ‘no-go zone’ due to criminal youths.

As we highlight in the video below, while the very functioning of Parliament is now being upended thanks to Islamist threats, the media has crafted another hysterical narrative based on the notion that saying Islamists are gaining control of the UK is “Islamophobic” and racist.

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