Leftist Establishment Dismayed By Rise Of "Populist" Candidate In Argentina

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Aug 17, 2023 - 10:40 PM

The Argentina peso plunged recently on the news that "populist" economist and candidate Javier Milei, which many describe as a libertarian, won the Argentina primaries with 30% of the vote.  The uproar from establishment media sources and western officials has been growing as the reality sinks in - Milei might just win the general election in October and dismantle nearly every socialist institution in the country once he's in office.  

Argentina's economy has suffered under a series of progressive leaders, including Fernando de la Rúa, who was forced to resign after the inflationary crash of 2001 that led to mass civil unrest.  Then there was Cristina Fernández de Kirchner – who was president of Argentina for two terms between 2007 and 2015.  She has been arrested and sentenced to six years in prison for abuse of power and fraud, using her position to award at least 51 public works contracts and funneling over $1 billion to a friend of her husband through a shell company.  This occurred during the resurgence of inflation in Argentina which has now hit crisis levels under the current leadership (Alberto Fernandez) who is considered "center left."

Needless to say, the citizens of Argentina are fed up with the relentless lack of change and the relentless economic decline.  It is this same decline that has the International Monetary Fund circling the floundering nation like a hungry shark. 

Enter Javier Milei, who is running on a platform of radical change which would include the dissolution of numerous socialist institutions and the very central bank which has led Argentina into multiple fiscal crisis events.  In a YouTube campaign video, Milei announced he would disband a number of ministries that he deems unnecessary. “Culture ministry – out! Environment – out! Ministry of women and gender diversity – out! Public works – out! Science – out! Labour and social security – out! Ministry of education and indoctrination – out!”

Argentinians who support Milei suggest he is a "punishment vote" against the previous leftist regimes for their economic trespasses.  The sentiment has a similar ring to the widespread support in the US for Donald Trump as a message to establishment elites that the populace will no longer accept the status quo.  Whether or not Milei or Trump can or would institute any longstanding changes to an oligarch infested system is really a secondary issue; the public is simply making it clear that they are aware of the game being played with their future.

The corporate media seems to have been caught off-guard by the popularity of Milei (just as they were caught off guard by Trump).  He was initially treated as a "joke" candidate with little chance of success, but now they are quickly moving to compile a list of buzzwords and negative descriptors as a means to undermine his image.  Thus far, they don't have much - They cite his policies as dangerous and tie him to Trump as often as possible, while also noting his apparent history as a "tantric sex coach" with "long unkempt hair" who wants to "allow human organ sales." 

The truth is that Milei has not been shy about his political intentions.  He plans to cut government spending, do away with the largely socialized healthcare system, eliminate the public school system which he sees as a network of indoctrination centers and replace it with a voucher system, eliminate climate change policies and propaganda, eliminate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion indoctrination, eliminate gender identity indoctrination for children, he values private property, wants to ban abortion, wants to return gun rights to Argentinians, wants to eliminate the central bank and flies the Gadsden Flag at his rallies. 

All in all, he might be one of the greatest political candidates in South American history.  Milei's biggest mistake is his dollerization plan, which would essentially replace the peso with a dollar that is likely on the verge of its own implosion as the BRICS move to unseat the currency as the world reserve. But his social policies are being met with increasing approval among the public, indicating a growing disgust with far-left ideology.  

He has certainly drawn the attention of the leftist and globalist guard.  Only two days after Milei's primary win, the Biden Administration is discussing a possible meeting with Brazilians President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva at next month’s United Nations General Assembly in New York.   The expectation is that Biden will be pushing Brazil to reduce economic trade with Russia and China, but that Milei will be a primary topic of interest as well.