Medvedev Warns Russia Has 'No Choice' But To Unleash Nuclear 'Apocalypse' If Attacked By NATO

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Feb 08, 2024 - 02:11 AM

Not for the first time, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev has warned that a direct war between Moscow forces and NATO would lead to nuclear apocalypse.

The current deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council issued the warning on Telegram Wednesday, in response to recent statements and reports that some European leaders are telling their populations to 'prepare for war'. For example, just last month UK Army chief General Patrick Sanders called on authorities to "mobilize the nation" to prepare for war with Putin, and that the population needs a "shift" in thinking to be ready.

Medvedev mocked this and other examples of NATO leaders accusing Moscow of seeking a broader war as but "dangerous drivel". He said that this all about trying to bolster support for sending more weapons to Kiev amid what's become war fatigue among Western publics.

According to Russian media translation of his words, Medvedev said this is part of efforts to prop up Ukraine—"a dying country that is foreign to taxpayers"—while ignoring problems at home. "Therefore, every day the leaders of these countries broadcast: We need to prepare for war with Russia and continue to help Ukraine," he wrote.

That's when he said that people in the West have to be told the blunt truth. Medvedev underscored that the Russian response to attack by NATO would without doubt be "asymmetrical". He explained:

"Since our military capabilities are incomparable, we will simply have no choice. The response will be asymmetrical. To protect the territorial integrity of our country, ballistic and cruise missiles with special warheads will be used... This will be the proverbial Apocalypse. The end of everything."

This is certainly not the first time that Medvedev, known for this bellicose and hawkish rhetoric, has warned of nuclear apocalypse. But it is the clearest he has ever spelled out that the Kremlin would not hesitate to activate its nuclear arsenal if Russian territory is directly threatened by NATO. 

His comments also come at a very dangerous moment where Ukraine security services are increasingly targeting oil refineries on Russian soil with drone and missile attacks, sometimes at long ranges.

Below: UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak says Britain ready for war....

If Russia turns its guns in our direction, is Great Britain ready to defend itself?

"Yes. And my task is to ensure everyone's safety."

Moscow has accused Western and NATO intelligence services of assisting with such attacks. Recently it has accused France of maintaining mercenaries in the northern city of Kharkiv, in order to mount attacks on nearby Belgorod Oblast. There are rising fears that this 'indirect' fighting or proxy war could drift into direct 'live fire' between Russia and NATO countries, but so far this has been narrowly avoided.