Most Americans Oppose More Spending On Ukraine War, Poll Finds

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Aug 07, 2023 - 09:00 PM

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The majority of Americans oppose additional spending on the war in Ukraine, according to a CNN poll that was released on Friday.

The poll was conducted by SRSR from July 1-31, with a sample size of 1,279 respondents. It found that 55% of the respondents say Congress should not authorize more spending on the war in Ukraine, while 45% say more funds should be authorized.

When asked if the US has done enough to support Ukraine, 51% said yes, and 48% said more should be done. The results show how support for the policy of backing Ukraine against Russia has waned as the conflict has dragged on.

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A poll conducted when Russia first invaded in February 2022 found 62% of respondents thought the US wasn’t doing enough.

When asked about what type of support the US should provide Ukraine, only 17% of respondents favored sending in US troops for direct combat operations against Russia, which could quickly spiral into a nuclear war. The most popular type of support was assistance with intelligence gathering (63%), followed by military training (53%) and providing weapons (43%).

More Republicans oppose additional aid for Ukraine than Democrats, as has been the theme in polls throughout the war. The poll found that 71% of Republicans are against Congress authorizing more spending on the war, and 59% believe the US has done enough.

The majority of Democrats want the US to provide more support for Ukraine, with 62% in favor of new funding and 61% saying the US hasn’t done enough.

So far, Congress has authorized $113 billion in spending on the war in Ukraine. The poll comes as the White House is expected to ask Congress this month to approve another spending package for Ukraine.

According to Financial Times, President Biden wants to include military aid for Taiwan in the new Ukraine aid bill as the US is increasingly focused on preparing for a future conflict with China.