Pope Francis Claims No Migrant Emergency In Europe - Suggests 'Individualism' Is The Problem

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Oct 02, 2023 - 08:15 AM

If you want to see the real poison at play in the methodology of deconstruction, look at it in the context of illegal and mass immigration in the western world.  Deconstruction argues, essentially, that any truth can be broken down into various parts and reassembled to express a completely different meaning.  Therefore, there is no truth, only the way in which people are taught to perceive the various pieces of the truth, and that can be changed with the right kind of conditioning. 

In the case of illegal immigration, western populations are being taught that the chaos and instability they are witnessing is actually an "opportunity" for them to turn the other cheek and embrace the virtue of victimhood.  Simply accept that the mass migration of incompatible cultures is going to happen, look at it as a gift which allows you to spend your hard earned labor and accomplishments giving charity to people who only showed up on the promise of free handouts, and then you won't have to be angry about it any longer.

That is to say, under the philosophy of deconstruction you don't fix problems; you have to change the way you perceive the problems until you don't see them as problems.  Of course, objective truth exists outside of human perception, and every dishonest or schizophrenic person in the world sees things far differently from the norm - That doesn't mean their version of events is valid.

What Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis) preaches is not Christianity, but a carefully crafted false narrative of deconstruction hiding behind the mask of spiritualism.  During his recent visit to France, the Pope engaged in a bit of manipulative gaslighting, claiming that Europe is not facing a migrant emergency because Europeans only need to look at the situation in a different way.  It should be mentioned that the Vatican has not offered its own vast estate as a place to take in migrants, either.  

Pope Francis suggested that the real problem was the "exasperating selfishness of individualism."  The message is relatively clear:  Just conform to the demands of globalism and assimilate into the hive; the more you fight back the more it will hurt.

The Pope's highly political message comes after multiple European governments including France took a rare hard line stance against mass immigration.  The migrants, mostly from Africa, are already wreaking havoc in Italy and the Island of Lampedusa, and representatives including those in France are finally moving to establish restrictions.  France says it will not take any more migrants from Lampedusa, while Italy and France are deliberating on a naval blockade to prevent any future migrant boats from reaching European shores. 

As we covered this past week, a near decade of open border policies by socialist leaders has caused an exponential spike in crime, which those same leaders have attempted to hide using misrepresented stats, omissions in police reports and media blackouts.  Not to be overlooked is the growing economic uncertainty in the EU, which leaves little room for charity, especially for the over 23 million non-citizens now residing in the region.

Europeans have grown tired of the disinformation and gaslighting, and this has fueled a growing public shift to the conservative right.  Clearly this has alarmed certain globalist interests - The Pope coming to France to lie about the migrant crisis and attack conservative individualism (or the protection of cultural and moral heritage) is a blaring alarm that they don't like current developments and want to see the destabilization of Europe continue. 

Keep in mind that this is the same Pope that joined with the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, a project led by Lynn Forester de Rothschild featuring a host of major banks, international corporate interests, the WEF, the UN, etc.  The council is by all appearances the beginnings of an open corporate elitist government.

The CIC is a vehicle for pushing forward the global socialization of all economies into the framework of what the WEF calls "Shareholder Capitalism" and the "Great Reset."  It operates on the philosophy that corporations should participate in social engineering, that economies need to go cashless, that all religions need to combine into one entity and that national borders need to be dissolved.  

The Pope's association with a premier globalist club might help to explain his efforts to undermine European security and pressure the public to submit to the Cloward-Piven strategy in their midst.  Will his efforts bear fruit?  So far it looks unlikely.  Even far-left leaders like Macron have to acknowledge that the citizenry is moving away from the progressive program in large part because of years of destructive migration.