Recipe For EU Disaster: Warning Signs Ignored

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Jun 21, 2024 - 06:00 AM

Authored by Grzegorz Adamczyk via ReMix News,

Recent European Parliament election results and reactions to them have sparked discussions about the true meaning of European autonomy, a term frequently touted by French President Emmanuel Macron that now seems to lack real substance beyond pompous declarations from Paris.

These elections have exposed its actual and concrete implications.

In France, political upheaval is evident. President Macron has announced forthcoming elections in response to new fractures in foundational EU politics. In contrast, Germany may face significant issues in the autumn when state elections are held there. Poland appears to some as a haven of peace, but this may be just a temporary illusion.

Despite these cracks, the European Union structure still stands seemingly unshaken. Dominant beliefs within suggest that nothing significant has occurred: The center holds strong, the two main parties of the Brussels establishment have retained their majority, and while populists have gained more votes, they can still be contained.

This perspective, however, is seen as a recipe for disaster.

The EU needs no further warning signs, and if it lacks the courage to draw serious consequences this time, the project may have no future.

True European autonomy is needed - the ability of the EU to correct its own mistakes, to self-repair, to learn from experiences, and to think in political terms.

Mechanisms for verifying and holding accountable those who have failed and abused trust must be established.

The EU can no longer be a tool for one nation to blackmail another.

While this may seem like an idealistic view that could be crushed by harsh realities where only the strong prevail, European integration without idealism is meaningless.

For the EU to survive, it must cease being an instrument of influence, pressure and even blackmail by one state or interest group over another.

The notion that Europe belongs to certain entities who can do as they please, must end.

If the Union is not treated as a common body, a shared good and common property of all, it will not recognize the internal issues plaguing it, nor will it be able to cure them.

The ability to self-repair is the true essence of European autonomy.

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