On Shaky Ground: These Are The Countries Hit Most By Earthquakes

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Jan 07, 2024 - 12:35 PM

A 7.5-magnitude earthquake with an epicenter located on the country's Western coast rocked Japan earlier this week.

Dozens of people have died while the search for survivors continues. No major flooding was reported despite a tsunami warning, but the threat of more aftershocks remains.

Damage to the country's infrastructure was substantial and cut-off roads hindered aid and rescue efforts.

But, as Statista's Katharina Buchholz notes, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Japan has seen the fourth-highest number of major earthquakes out of any country on Earth since 1990 at 98.

Infographic: The Countries Hit by the Most Earthquakes | Statista

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Taking into account country size as well, Japan has recorded the most earthquakes in the world in relative terms.

In February of last year, almost 60,000 people lost their lives in severe earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

The first country is also among the most earthquake-prone on Earth, with 62 quakes recorded by NOAA since 1990. Six of them - including two on Feb. 6, 2023 - had a magnitude of 7 or more. Another country from the region, Iran, is also among the countries with the most earthquake activity in the last three decades.

Two large Asian countries were affected by the most quakes in the given time frame: China (186) and Indonesia (166). 

More heavily affected places in Asia are India and the Philippines. With 23 tremors, Italy is one of the most endangered regions in Europe.