Shellenberger: "Escape The Woke Matrix"

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Jun 30, 2023 - 10:40 PM

Michael Shellenberger gave a must-watch keynote address to the students and faculty of the University of Austin this week, titled “Escape The Woke Matrix.”

In it, he argues that Western civilization is being rapidly taken over by a psychopathological religion, and that we must resist it by exposing it for what it is, and re-grounding our institutions in love of humanity, civilization, and freedom.

Shellenberger's work covers a wide range of topics, but a common theme is the distortion of history and censorship benefiting the powerful.

In this emotional address, Shellenberger discusses the negative effects of censorship, rewriting history, and the power dynamics it serves.

He highlights disparities between the real-world and the one we are delivered by authorities and 'experts - pointing out the decline in deaths from natural disasters and the fact that police killings in the US, including those of African-Americans, have declined over the years - among others, emphasizing the need for seeking out accurate information.

Shellenberger criticizes the selective disinformation campaigns and censorship surrounding topics like COVID-19, vaccines, and the Hunter Biden laptop; and argues that society is moving towards a new moral order centered around race, victimhood, and identity politics, creating a culture of entitlement and grandiosity.

Finally, Shellenberger points out the presence of narcissistic and psychopathic behavior in positions of power, calling for courage in confronting these cluster B personality types and emphasizes personal responsibility, optimism, and the need to fight for positive change while avoiding toxic ideologies.

As Shellenberger writes at his Public Substack:

"You can hear the emotion in my voice. The global crackdown on free speech has left me feeling angry and afraid. Despite my emotional state, or perhaps because of it, the students gave me a standing ovation at the end."


"It’s not enough to condemn, we must also seek to understand, and explain. We are going toe-to-toe with an opponent that would put us in prison for wrongthink. We must stand up to their bullying, and break their hyponotic trance over the population. That is how we will escape from the woke matrix."

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