Sparks Fly Between US & Israel As Gaza Truce Talks At 'Dead End'

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Mar 27, 2024 - 01:20 AM

The latest round of ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas in Doha has collapsed and ended in anger and finger-pointing, with the the Israeli delegation reportedly packing up and leaving in haste. This point marks several rounds of failed talks.

A senior Israeli official has declared that efforts toward a truce are "at a dead end" due to unrealistic demands by Hamas. The official further accused Hamas' Gaza leader Yahya Sinwar of sabotaging diplomatic efforts "as part of a wider effort to inflame this war over Ramadan," according to Reuters. This brings to an end this latest round of ten days of talks.


Netanyahu's office repeated its assertion on Tuesday that Hamas had made "delusional" demands, something which has continually stalled talks and prevented any progress. The Israeli statement vowed that it will not address "Hamas's delusional demands" but will "pursue and achieve its just war objectives."

Netanyahu also brought the US into it, lashing out in the following:

Hamas’s decision to reject a US-brokered compromise is “clear proof it is not interested in continuing talks, and a sad testament to the damage caused by the UN Security Council resolution,” referring to a call for a ceasefire passed Monday night that the US did not veto, thus enabling its passage.

Hamas has levelled a similar charge at Israel, saying the prime minister is only interested in prolonging the military operation in Gaza. Netanyahu has for weeks made his position clear that any Hamas condition of an Israeli troop withdrawal from Gaza which is made part of a hostage release deal remains a non-starter.

Tensions and finger-pointing between the Biden administration and Israel have been on the rise. According to Axios in the wake of the truce talks collapse, "The Israeli statement angered the White House, which sees it as an attempt by Netanyahu to continue the fight that started the day before between the U.S. and Israel over the UN Security Council resolution, two senior U.S. official said."

The UNSC has just passed a formal resolution calling for immediate ceasefire, and its adoption was enabled by the US abstention, which infuriated Israel. Commenting on the Israeli statement and reaction, one US official state: "This statement is inaccurate in almost every respect and unfair to the hostages and their families."

On Tuesday there are reports of Israeli airstrikes on Rafah city...

"Hamas' response was prepared before the UN vote even took place. We will not play politics with this most important and difficult issue, and we will remain focused on a deal to free the remaining hostages," the US official added.

As a result of the UN vote, Israel canceled a planned delegation to the White House, which was to discuss the Rafah situation. The White House has called this an "overreaction" on Israel's part. Israeli leaders have continued to signal that a Rafah ground operation is imminent, even as the US and other allies have warned against it at least until civilians can be moved from harm's way.