Who Had 'Russian Nukes In Space' On Their Election-Year Disruption Bingo-Card?

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Feb 14, 2024 - 09:15 PM

With #FalseFlag trending on X, today's "major, imminent, grave, terrifying security threat" 'fire-alarm' in political circles - that by the way the market completely ignored - turned out to be - drum roll please...

According to ABC News, “Two sources familiar with deliberations on Capitol Hill said the intelligence has to do with the Russians wanting to put a nuclear weapon into space.”

The weapon would reportedly be designed to be used to take out satellites.

Will this be the 'event' that triggers some increased crackdown on Russian 'sympathisers'?

Will this be the 'event' that warrants politicians allowed terrified Americans to vote by mail-in-ballot once again (because you're safe from Russian space-nukes in your home)?

We will wait and see, but without a doubt the timing is a coincidence... and there's no such thing as coincidence in Washington.

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) said “there is no need for public alarm” after House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Turner (R-Ohio) called on President Biden to declassify information about a “serious national security threat.”

“I saw Chairman Turner’s statement on the issue and I want to assure the  American people, there is no need for public alarm,” Johnson told reporters in the Capitol on Wednesday.

“We are going to work together to  address this matter as we do all sensitive matters that are classified.”

The market appears to have been right in shrugging off seen through this latest distraction from Rep Mike Turner as more details are leaked.

First things first, Turner just returned from Ukraine (likely having promised to push for more billions for Zelenskyy).

Second, within an hour of the report, three Members of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee have told Politico that the National Security Threat caused by a New Russian Capability is "Disturbing" but that it is a Longer-Term Concern "Not a Today thing" and that, "It is a Serious Issue but not an Immediate Crisis."

So, the question is - was this:

a) a distraction from Biden's broken brain, or

2) a last desperate attempt to get more funding for anything-but-the-US-border, or

iii) a path to pitching Putin as the uber-bad-guy again after his interview with Tucker Carlson.

Either way - it seems like a nothing-burger (almost in their own leaked words)... but then there's this...

Space lasers?


*  *  *

Update (1245 ET):  Sources have informed Haley Britzky, a Pentagon correspondent for CNN, that Russian capability is "highly concerning and destabilizing." 

Remember, it's an election year—time for the federal government to amplify fear. 

Or better, distract! But distract from what?

Here's what some X users are saying:

And what might that capability be, hypersonic weapons? 

*   *   * 

The chair of the House Intelligence Committee has been warning this week that time is running out for Ukraine in its fight against Russia as Ukraine aid remains up in the air. 

On Wednesday morning, House Intel Committee Chair Mike Turner released this statement: 

"Today, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has made available to all Members of Congress information concerning a serious national security threat.

Turner's statement continued: 

"I am requesting that President Biden declassify all information relating to this threat so that Congress, the Administration, and our allies can openly discuss the actions necessary to respond to this threat."

More on what this "national security threat" could be about. 

Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser, told reporters that he had already scheduled a classified meeting with congressional leadership before a top House Republican requested that President Joe Biden "declassify all information" that relates to "serious national security threat," according to ABC News. 

"I am confident that President Biden, in the decisions that he is taking, is going to ensure the security of the American people," Sullivan said.

Meanwhile, the president suffers from memory issues... 

And this statement by Turner could've been the catalyst that spooked stocks earlier.

Notice the selling programs that were triggered.