"Taken Out By The FBI, CIA, & Bob Woodward" - Tucker Carlson Says Watergate Was Orchestrated To Remove President Nixon From Office

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Apr 26, 2024 - 03:05 AM

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

I have several times reported the same...

Nixon was removed because he was making arms limitation agreements with the Soviets and opening to China.

This was normalizing the enemy that the military/security complex needed for its budget and power.

It was for the same reason that President Kennedy was assassinated by the military/security complex.

The growing suspicion about Kennedy’s assassination meant that the military/security complex could not risk a second violent assassination, so Nixon was politically assassinated.

The same strategy was applied to Trump.

When Trump said he intended to normalize relations with Russia, he presented himself as the same threat to the military-security complex as Kennedy and Nixon.

That is what Russiagate was about, and what documentsgate, Jan 6 Insurrection, and two failed impeachments are all about.

When Russiagate and the impeachments failed, they decided to steal the election.

When Trump’s support survived all of this, they decided on the indictments.

In the least, the indictments will keep Trump off the campaign circuit and use up his resources in legal fees.

It is the determination and ability of the military/security complex to protect its budget and power that makes peace impossible and wars our way of life...

Watch Tucker Carlson discuss this below (with key quotes via @CollinRugg):

“Richard Nixon was taken out by the FBI and CIA, and with the help of Bob Woodward.”

“[Woodward] was that guy. And who is his main source for Watergate? Oh, the number two guy at the FBI. Oh, so you have the naval intelligence officer working with the FBI official to destroy the president. Okay. So that's a deep state coup.

“Richard Nixon was elected by more votes than any president in American history in the 1972 election.”

The most popular president in his reelection campaign, and two years later, he's gone, undone by a naval intel officer, the number two guy at the FBI and a bunch of CIA employees.”

“You tell me what that is. Those are the facts. Those are not disputed facts.”