Trudeau Scraps Event With Italy's Meloni After Pro-Palestinian Protesters Block Venue Entrance

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Mar 04, 2024 - 02:30 AM

The Canadian government and the Trudeau administration apparently cowered in the face of a sizable group of protesters angry at the soaring death toll in Gaza and Canada's pro-Israel policies on Saturday. Typically heads of state, top government officials, and their schedules and access to high-secure venues take precedence, but apparently in this situation the pro-Palestinian protesters were allowed to 'win'.

"A reception meant to cap off a day of meetings between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Italian counterpart was abruptly cancelled on Saturday after protesters blocked entrances to the venue and kept key figures, including the guests of honor, from getting in," a Canadian national broadcaster reported.

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The protesters charged that Trudeau is funding genocide in Gaza, given the supply of Canadian defense items to Israel. Despite the government's attempts to downplay, there's been growing controversy over Canadian arms supplied to Israel of late. 

But when it comes to rection to major world events and foreign conflicts, Canada typically plays junior partner to Washington policy, regardless of whichever administration is in the White House.

"Due to security concerns, the event was cancelled," a statement by the prime minister's office to CBC News indicated.

It happened at the Art Gallery of Ontario, where crowds completely took over steps and a large entrance area. Police apparently stood by while it unfolded...

Image source: CBC

The demonstrators were shouting pro-Palestine slogans and waving large flags and banners, while huddling close together at the building entrances.

Reports described that some 200-300 protesters were present, and it's unclear if any arrests were made. But apparently they were there in big enough numbers to block all key entrances.

One report described that "The disruption marked a tumultuous ending to an otherwise cordial day of meetings in Toronto, during which Trudeau and Meloni said they agreed to establish the Canada-Italy Roadmap for Enhanced Cooperation."

The Toronto Police Service is said to be reviewing its response (or lack of) and the series of events that led Trudeau's team to scrap the event.