Tucker Carlson Uncensored One-On-One With Andrew Tate: "I Don't Want You To Think That I'm A Conspiracy Theorist"

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Jul 12, 2023 - 10:55 AM

Tucker Carlson is back with something everyone should pay attention to.

Episode 9 of 'Tucker on Twitter' is a lengthy (complete) interview with Andrew Tate - the former-kickboxer-turned-influencer who is currently being held on human trafficking, rape, and criminal gang charges.

As an introduction, Carlson's monologue reflecting on the constant emasculation of American men. Specifically, he pointed to the “grotesque” feminist experiments of trying to snatch manhood away from boys and men.

"What would it be like to find yourself the subject of that experiment, as a boy trying to become a man during the Biden years?" Carlson asked.

"Well, you might kill yourself. Many have. You might decide to reject your own manhood and embrace androgyny or even switch sexes.

'Girls are better?' 'Fine, I'll become one.'

Or more likely, you might simply withdraw into porn and weed and video games and give up on your life before it's begun."

This led to Tucker introducing Andrew Tate who argues for a different way for boys to become men, pointing out that men want respect above all things, and thus must earn it by, among other things, staying sober, finding God, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Tate says he is attacked for emphasizing the importance of having a masculine presence in a relationship with a woman in order to have a functioning society. He said elites are trying to “instill cowardice” in men and elicit compliance in society.

Regarding the charges against him, Tate believes the Romanian government "coerced" the women to come forward, explaining that there is no evidence of actual crimes.

“I would hate to come across as a conspiracy theorist, but I kind of have a feeling that it might have something to do with my influence in an attempt to slander my name,” he said.

“But the fact that they chose such a heinous crime, and they report it so heavily, and they won’t shut up...

...also considering the fact that people who actually commit heinous crimes have way more favorable press coverage. But I don’t want you to think that I’m a conspiracy theorist. Please, Tucker, I would hate for you to come here and call me crazy.”

Specifically, Tate believes they silenced him because "he's helping men to resist the slave programming..."

Tucker asked him what he did in prison. The answer was simple and ominous...

"Smoked cigarettes, did pushups, and read the Quran... and I don't want to go back..."

The discussion was wide-ranging including his thoughts on the war in Ukraine:  “If you are naïve enough to believe that there are good guys and bad guys in wars and it’s as simple as good & bad… you need to do a little more investigation...” to which Tucker replied: “That’s the truest thing.. Anyone who doesn’t understand that should shut the f*ck up”

And the former kickboxer pulled no punches on what he thinks of Kamala Harris...

And COVID: “Sweden never did a thing… Where was their winter of severe illness and death?”

Tate believes this situation he is in is a "test from God" and say he "will suffer as much as I need to suffer to stick by my convictions and know that I am an innocent person." Tate added without irony:

"I will never kill myself"

Around 42:00, Tucker & Tate discuss European immigration, and Tate offers an interesting perspective:

"...we are feminizing, neutering the local population of males... and then these high-testosterone men from the 3rd world arrive - what do you think will happen..."

"...which makes you wonder, if this is purposeful..."

Tucker asked Tate, whose father was black and mother was white, what he made of the race conversation in the United States...

"I think it's deliberately,.. they're trying to put fuel on the fire and they're deliberatly trying to accelerate division."

If a black billionaire and a white billionaire meet, I don't think there is much conversation about race...

...but amongst the lower echelons of the populous, they seem very interested in trying to turn us all on each other..."

But, Tate continued "I think what certain people in the world would be most afraid of is white people of a certain class and black people of a certain class shaking hands and saying 'this is bullshit'"

Having slayed Kamala earlier, Tate addressed President Biden...

"I think the reason he was put into office is because he is incompetent. And that makes him easy to control and influence... that's what is most scary."

Tucker rounded out his questions by asking Tate's thoughts on digital currency:

"CBDCs are inevitable and they're scary...super scary because its the final absolute realm of control. They're already remeving cash from society. They want to be able to trace things more easily. They can control where it goes and how and when it can be spent... 'it can only be spent on vegetables because you've had too much meat this week'."

Finally, we note - without humor - that Tate repeated the fact that "I will never kill myself" many times during the interview to the point where Carlson noticed and Tate replied "I have to keep saying it...because it's scary."

"I think they give you three lives: first they cancel you; when that fails, they throw you in jail; and if that fails they have only one option left... so I am in a very scary scenario."

Watch the full interview below: