Ukraine's Opposition To The Assimilation Of Its Refugees Is Extremely Hypocritical

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Apr 17, 2024 - 09:00 AM

Authored by Andrew Korybko via Substack,

This is the opposite of how Ukraine treats its indigenous Russian minority...

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba warned on Friday that “It has become clear that assimilation would be extremely fast if we do not change our policy towards Ukrainians abroad”, calling on these refugees to “remain Ukrainian” with the innuendo that they shouldn’t plant roots in the West.

He didn’t explicitly say so, but it’s strongly hinted that he hopes that those millions who’ve fled the latest phase of the Ukrainian Conflict over the past two years will eventually return home to their country.

Kiev-based economist Alexey Kushch said in an interview with Ukrainian journalist Yury Romanenko last week that “I estimate that [after the conflict is over] Ukraine’s demographic profile <...> will be made up of 25 million people, including ten million senior citizens, five million children and two to three million disabled persons and veterans receiving social benefits. About seven to eight million working adults will make up the core of the economy.”

These two developments coincided with Ukraine’s passing of a new conscription law that doesn’t include a demobilization clause, which the media reported has left troops feeling “betrayedwhile a member of the Rada described it as a “point of no return” in terms of turning citizens against the government. Kuleba obviously hopes that unassimilated Ukrainians will feel so unwelcome in the West that they’ll return home to risk their lives in the meatgrinder and then rebuild their country when the conflict ends.

Basically, he’s manipulating them on a faux “patriotic” pretext into creating problems for themselves abroad so that they’ll consider moving back to Ukraine, but his rhetoric is extremely hypocritical since it’s the opposite of how Kiev itself treats minorities.

It was observed that “The West Would Never Talk About Its Minorities The Way That Ukraine Talks About Its Russian One” after Rada speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk denied their very existence and associated rights last fall.

In other words, Kuleba wants Ukrainian refugees not to assimilate into their host societies, with a wink and a nod that they should exploit the liberal-globalist West’s related legislation and socio-cultural norms to preserve their culture as much as possible.

At the same time, Stefanchuk denies the existence of Ukraine’s indigenous Russian minority, thus depriving them of any rights and therefore creating the exact same situation inside of Ukraine that Kuleba hopes that his country’s own refugees avoid.

These are blatant double standards, but they’re unlikely to be discussed but the Mainstream Media since these organizations have an interest in covering up for Ukraine’s fascist policies, which is exactly what Kiev is practicing.

There’s nothing wrong with refugees or immigrants retaining their identity, nor with countries promoting assimilationist and integrationist policies, but what belies ulterior ideological motives is having double standards when it comes to one’s own group and country.