Watch: Biden Says US Has "An Obligation" To Be Involved In Wars In Israel And Ukraine

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Oct 16, 2023 - 01:25 PM

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

During a CBS 60 Minutes Interview over the weekend, Joe Biden argued that America has “an obligation” to get involved in foreign wars, adding that “We can take care of both of these” while referring to the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel.

Host Scott Pelley asked Biden “Are the wars in Israel and Ukraine more than the United States can take on at the same time?”

Biden replied, “We’re the United States of America for God’s sake! The most powerful nation in the history, not in the (world), in the history of the world! The history of the world!”

He continued to blather, “We can take care of both of these and still maintain our overall international defense. We have the capacity to do this and we have an obligation to. We are the essential nation, to, to paraphrase the former secretary of State. And if we don’t who does?”

It seems Biden was attempting to quote Madeline Albright, who said in 1998 that America is the “indispensable nation.”


Since when did the U.S. have “an obligation” to fight foreign wars?

In the same interview, Biden also declared that he’s sure he wants to serve a second term in order to achieve world peace:

Elsewhere during the interview, Biden labelled ‘MAGA’ supporters ‘anti-democracy’:

Meanwhile, Donald Trump criticised Biden for his inept mismanagement of the situation in Afghanistan.

“I wish Biden were doing a great job even though that would be very hard politically as opposed to the worst job,” Trump said in an interview.

“But I wish he was doing a phenomenal job even if it meant that, most likely, you wouldn’t be elected or whatever,” Trump continued, adding “But he is doing the worst job in the history of our country. You talk about the border, you talk about anything. You talk about Afghanistan. There’s never been a more embarrassing period of time in our country’s history than what took place in Afghanistan. There was no reason for that. You don’t take the military out first.”

“He’s the worst president in history, the most corrupt president in history, and the most incompetent president by far. He can’t even get off the stage, and can’t put two sentences together,” Trump added.


Trump’s point about Biden not being able to get off a stage was proven yet again over the weekend:

When he’s left to his own devices to get on and off the stage, he stumbles and barely makes it every time:

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