Watch: London Metro Police Threaten People Displaying British Flag With Arrest For "Racism"

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Monday, Oct 23, 2023 - 08:15 AM

In a scene reminiscent of the BLM riot events in the United States, white British residents of London are being admonished and in some cases threatened for displaying British and UK national flags during pro-Palestinian protests.  London metro police are warning people carrying these flags that they might be construed as "racist" and that this will be treated as grounds for arrest.

The flag on display in the video is the Cross of Saint George, a flag that represents the UK but is also connected with the crusades of the Middle Ages.  Flying UK flags in the face of Muslim protests is seen as anti-immigration sentiment.  It should be noted that a majority of the UK and European public has become increasingly anti-migrant in the past decade.  Mass Muslim immigration and open border policies have led to an exponential spike in property crime, violent crime and rape, not to mention an increasing drag on European economies.

A two tier legal system has become commonplace in the UK, with migrants given considerable allowances for protest as a protected class, while indigenous English people are more likely to be prosecuted for similar behavior.  Multiple incidents in London alone have been reported of pro-Palestinians attacking anyone carrying British or Israeli symbols.    

Meanwhile, in nations like Germany, police have taken an opposite attitude towards Palestinian rallies, arresting many participants and instituting restrictions on the display of Hamas related images. 

Some argue that this constitutes a violation of free speech and a slippery slope towards Orwellian controls.