What Just Happened?

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Dec 11, 2023 - 09:20 PM

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via,

“All these idiots whose ‘identity’ is literally a ‘protected class’ are not protesting anything. Their whole victim act is sponsored, enabled & signal boosted by every powerful institution. The entire elaborate charade amounts to power petitioning itself.”

- Aimee Terese on X

If you haven’t discerned this yet, the Party of Chaos — Globalism’s “fifth column” in America — lost ground badly in early December even as the country supposedly enters its annual Christmastime coma. You know what a fifth column is? I will explain: it is a subversive enemy force operating inside a nation to sabotage its interests. The Party of Chaos, of course, is the party of “Joe Biden” the fictitious “president” euchered in plain sight to that position via flagrant chicanery in the 2020 Super Tuesday primary and then the free-for-all fraud-o-rama of the general election that year.

This subversive Party of Chaos (with Marxist characteristics), has worked overtime for years to mindfuck Americans into destroying their own country. Just think of the absurdities you are asked to swallow daily and the punishments meted out for opposing them. It all came to an interesting inflection point lately with the three presidents of exalted universities failing spectacularly to cover their asses in congressional testimony about antisemitism on campus.

At issue was why, after years of grandstanding on the oppression of victim groups, and censoring, silencing, cancelling, and crucifying alternate opinions, they gave their students and faculty a pass in recent weeks on yelling for the extermination of Jews. Wow, did that business disorder the whole Woke cosmography! I’ll tell you why:

My people, the Jews, including a major chunk of the intellectual class, assumed leadership in the Woke crusade because the Holocaust of the 1940s established us as the world’s premier oppressed victim group. That badge of honor stuck for decades. Seventy percent of American Jews vote for the Party of Chaos, which used to be the Party of Civil Rights, which used to synonymous with truth and justice. Thus, for decades, we American Jews were able to feel marinated in virtue.

Incidentally, the reason American Jews went all in for the Civil Rights movement was because after the big war and all its horrors they felt a victory for expanded tolerance and acceptance in America — the defeat of “Jim Crow” in particular — could only be a good thing for Jews, who, by the way, had demonstrated that a former “out” group could succeed spectacularly in 20th century America if permitted to try, which suggested that other “out” groups could too, and ought to be allowed to try. For Jews, America turned out to be the promised land, and one can easily see how that rhetoric jibed so well with Martin Luther King and his followers in the 1960s.

But the Civil Rights crusade is history now and American intellectuals, Jews especially, appear to be secretly disillusioned and rather ashamed at the less than satisfactory results, such as intractable black poverty and crime. Successful American Jews have been out of their own ghettos for decades, and they have no desire to live adjacent to any black ghetto if they can help it — though they would never dare admit it. However, they flocked to and flourished in the ghetto of elite academia, where they could make a good living in the commerce of ideas, luxuriate in enhanced social status (especially at Ivy League schools), with the bonus of fabulously easy work requirements (two classes a week and then summers off, what a deal!).

Life on campus has become increasingly uncomfortable in recent years as Wokery ramped up. Lately, the demonization of all white people, including most Jews, became the order of the day to account for and expiate the disappointments of the Civil Rights program. It required considerable cognitive dissonance for American Jews, especially in higher education, to go along with the growing aggressive absurdity of Woke politics. And then their remaining illusions blew up in the fall of this year after Hamas went on its savage rampage and Israel decided to bring down the wrath of Yahweh to remind the world what never again means.

American Jews on campus — in the crucible of victimhood politics — now find themselves called out as “oppressors” and “colonizers” on the seesaw of social justice. No longer an “out” group, they are fingered as a cruel and hate-worthy “in” group of the most privileged sort. Jewish students on campus began to feel like they had targets painted on their foreheads. At some colleges, they were indeed actively harassed and menaced. And after all they’ve done, and all the money they’ve given, to assist all the other victims, have-nots, left-behinds and marginalized in this world! And finally, to see how they were sold out by those three smirking boss-girl elite college presidents at the witness table in Congress, equivocating so strenuously that it seemed to affect the oxygen content in the room. From the river to the sea. . . woe unto you!

And now, an even bigger question looms: with Wokery unraveling on campus, will it now also unravel the Party of Chaos — and its ability to act as Globalism’s fifth column undermining our country? Personally, I think it is indeed the beginning of the end of all that, especially the disgraced intellectual class of America’s ability to play along for mere social status brownie points. Perhaps we’ll all begin to discern that the next trip to be laid on the people of this land will be the final one, the Big Enchilada, the event that will truly knock the wind out of Western Civ and leave it gasping and wheezing on the floor: blowing up the banking system. When that happens, we’ll all finally know just where things stand, and then maybe we’ll all start to sing together.

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