With World Focused On Israel, WaPo Boasts CIA Is Behind Brazen Assassinations Of Russians

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Oct 24, 2023 - 11:05 PM

At a moment the globe's attention is by and large completely focused on events in Gaza, The Washington Post has this week published a bombshell report which vindicates Moscow's worst fears. Up to now, any pundit daring to write that Putin's accusations that the West has for years backed a covert campaign to destabilize Russia while stoking the 2014 (and after) civil war in Donbass, was smeared as a 'pro-Kremlin propagandist'. 

But now, the D.C. establishment's premier newspaper is openly admitting that the CIA is actively running covert ops inside Russia, which has included the killing of journalist and geopolitical commentator Darya Dugina, the daughter of Alexaner Dugin. Another "conspiracy theory" has been belatedly admitted as conspiracy fact.

The report stunningly documents of this "shadow war" that, "The missions have involved elite teams of Ukrainian operatives drawn from directorates that were formed, trained, and equipped in close partnership with the CIA, according to current and former Ukrainian and US officials. Since 2015, the CIA has spent tens of millions of dollars to transform Ukraine’s Soviet-formed services into potent allies against Moscow, officials said."

Long after independent media had asserted the deep, years-long involvement of US and allied intelligence in creating the conditions for a major Russia-Ukraine war, which was launched in Feb. of 2022 (and those same indy media voices were dismissed by the MSM for it), it seems unnamed US officials are now openly boasting about assisting with brazen assassinations to the Washington Post:

The cluttered car carrying a mother and her 12-year-old daughter seemed barely worth the attention of Russian security officials as it approached a border checkpoint. But the least conspicuous piece of luggage — a crate for a cat — was part of an elaborate, lethal plot. Ukrainian operatives had installed a hidden compartment in the pet carrier, according to security officials with knowledge of the operation, and used it to conceal components of a bomb.

Four weeks later, the device detonated just outside Moscow in an SUV being driven by the daughter of a Russian nationalist who had urged his country to “kill, kill, kill” Ukrainians, an explosion signaling that the heart of Russia would not be spared the carnage of war.

The operation was orchestrated by Ukraine’s domestic security service, the SBU, according to officials who provided details, including the use of the pet crate, that have not been previously disclosed. 

At every turn in the very revealing WaPo piece, US officials emphasize that covert CIA and allied intelligence operations aimed at Moscow have been a "reality" going back many years.

"In reality, they represent capabilities that Ukraine’s spy agencies have developed over nearly a decade — since Russia first seized Ukrainian territory in 2014 — a period during which the services also forged deep new bonds with the CIA," the report continues. 

Not only did US intel officials tell the Post that the CIA has a significant presence in Ukraine, and particularly the capital, to this day - but the agency has provided Kiev with advanced surveillance systems and has even guided the formation of a new SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) unit called the "Fifth Directorate"

Ukraine's military intelligence has also received significant support. "GUR was our little baby. We gave them all new equipment and training," a former US intelligence official told the Post.

Darya Dugina's killing was one among dozens of high profile killings and sabotage bombings carried out by Ukrainian intelligence - with the supporting help of US counterparts - which has also included two large attacks on the Kerch Strait bridge. 

However, as expected the sources speaking to the Post tried to put some distance between the CIA and direct involvement in the assassinations. The officials claim the CIA only served a support role, or what amounts to "bolstering those services’ abilities to gather intelligence on a dangerous adversary." Of course, the Kremlin is not going to see things this way, nor would any country coming within the CIA's crosshairs.