Zelensky Tells Commanders Ukraine Must Defeat Russia To Join NATO

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, May 04, 2024 - 12:45 PM

Ukraine's President Zelensky has reportedly told his top military commanders that Ukraine must win against Russia if it hopes to one day be admitted into NATO.

Russian state media has captured and translated key lines of the speech. "I believe that we will be in NATO only if we win. I don’t think that we will be admitted [...] during the war," Zelensky had said during a meeting with officers. Ukrainian sources also confirmed the remarks.

He admitted that as things currently stand, NATO leaders "feel the risks" while "others are simply skeptical." The Ukrainian president continued, "Therefore, for Ukraine to be accepted into the alliance, we need victory."

Stoltenberg traveled to Ukraine this week, via NATO.

He further described that Ukraine's independence can ultimately be permanently guaranteed by eventually becoming a full member of NATO.

From Brussels and Washington's perspective, the idea of NATO membership for Kiev has been put on hold, despite the enthusiastic rhetoric of some hawkish officials in the West, given NATO's Article 5 common defense treaty would mean it would trigger automatic war with Russia

NATO as a matter of policy does not admit nations in a state of active war, or with a hot conflict on their border - given it would automatically force the whole alliance to militarily intervene. 

In this case, admission would lead to nuclear-armed confrontation with Russia basically overnight. However, given the continued escalation of the West, that's still where things may eventually be headed.

This also as the world is constantly being told that the tens of billions in Western funds and aid already sent is never enough...

Meanwhile, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg is busy this week chastising members of the alliance for the slow pace of weapons delivery at a moment Ukraine has admitted getting beaten back along some key frontline positions. Earlier this week Ukraine's defense chief admitted that a tactical retreat is underway.

"I know that serious delays in support have meant serious consequences on the battlefield," Stoltenberg said Monday alongside Zelensky at a joint press conference. "For months, the US was unable to agree on a package. And European Allies have been unable to deliver ammunition at the scale we promised."

Meanwhile, the arguments out of Kiev are getting more and more creative:

Zelensky is hoping for aircraft next: "I am confident that we will have modern aircraft that will also be a part of this system," Zelensky said of future aid packages from the West. He is also urging that more Patriot systems be sent, while Russia continues pounding Odessa in the south, and cities in the north.