"Seven F*cking Dollars!": Social Media Influencer Rages After Paying $7 For An Apple At Whole Foods

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Apr 21, 2024 - 11:11 PM

We're being told that Bidenomics is working and that inflation is under control.

Yet, when we see articles about shoppers in America paying $7 for an apple, it's hard to make peace with the narrative the current administration is trying to convince its populace of. 

That was the case last week when a Boston-based influencer took to Tik Tok to claim that she paid $7 for an apple - and only an apple - at a Whole Foods, according to a report by the NY Post

Literally just did grocery shopping at Whole Foods and look at this. Guess how much this is. This is an apple, it’s called a Sugarbee f–king apple apparently and look at it,” she said. 

She continued: “The size of my palm. I thought it was like probably 2 to 3 dollars. I scanned this motherf–ker I scanned it — 7 f–king dollars, 7!”

The user shared a video of her expensive purchase on social media, which has been widely re-circulated. The video, now deleted from her account, featured her removing an apple from a bag outside an unnamed Whole Foods store.

As the Post notes, Whole Foods' website prices the Organic Sugarbee Apple at $3.99 per pound across most Boston areas, though rates can differ by location. In her video, the TikToker even confirmed the price with a store employee.

She added: “Genuinely what economy are we all f–king living in that it costs 7 dollars to buy an apple? I could have sworn that some other like apple that I bought was not 7 f–king dollars. It’s crazy, like 7 dollars for a latte? OK. This apple better be tasting so f–king good.”

Viewers responded with an array of comments, with some supporting the influencer and others questioning her. One user wrote: “On average a pound will give you 2-3 apples. Maybe her anxiety was leaning on the scale.”

Another added: “Even more insane when you realize that’s almost an entire hour of labor for some people even in the US. Imagine working an entire hour in exchange for 1 apple…”