Attention Military-Industrial Complex: Gen-Zers Don't Want To Fight Your Endless Wars

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Oct 26, 2023 - 01:20 AM

"Why is everyone saying Gen-Z is going to get drafted? Like - no - the f*ck we are not - and you know why I know that - because we're just going to say No. Like how are they going to actually force us to get up and go to war," a Gen-Zer on TikTok said in a recent video. 

Besides war, he said, "We [Gen-Z] have things to do nowadays, like work and be bisexual." 

Another young TikToker revealed he is headed for the hills when a draft occurs.

And another Gen-Zer interrupted boomer Hillary Clinton during a speech at Columbia University. He called on Clinton to make a statement about President Biden's recent "warmongering speech" as a regional conflict in the Middle East could spark World War 3

Observing Gen-Z's reactions to the risk of being drafted, many of them supported Democrats. The Biden administration is currently managing two conflicts: One in Ukraine and the other involving Israel and Hamas. 

Corporate progressive media and woke universities have brainwashed this hopeless generation into believing Democrats are the 'party of love' - but it's far from that. 

Just remember, Gen-Z, The US Army recently changed its gender policies... 

Enjoy basic training.

... and internet search term "military draft age" surges.

As well as "military draft." 

As for the Military-Industrial Complex, good luck rounding up Gen-Zers for a draft. Many are no longer willing to fight your endless wars. It seems the propaganda isn't working anymore.