"Baltimore Is A Totally Corrupt Hell Hole": Mystery Surrounds $800 Million Covid Funds For "Learning Loss"

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Aug 30, 2023 - 03:05 AM

Unveiling another astonishing revelation from the ongoing education crisis within Baltimore City, investigative journalist Chris Papst from Fox45 News' Project Baltimore dropped a bombshell: 

"STUNNING: Baltimore City Schools received 29 federal Covid grants totaling $799M to fight learning loss. Yet, in 2023, just 9.1% of all 3rd-8th graders tested proficient in math. MEANING, taxpayers gave an additional $799M and 91% of Baltimore students are NOT math proficient." 

Maryland's spending on education stands at some of the highest in the country. In Baltimore City, the school district's budget is the fourth largest in the nation. Even extra Covid funds weren't enough to push the needle to drastically improve math test scores. 

Earlier this year, Papst's team revealed that 23 schools in the crime-ridden metro area had zero students proficient in math. The investigative team has been investigating corruption in the metro area's school district for seven years. Corruption might not stop at Baltimore but could extend to the leadership of the Maryland State Department of Education (readMaryland Superintendent's Deleted Texts and Hidden Email Surfaces Amid Intensifying Grade-Rigging Scandal). 

Folks on X, formerly known as Twitter, are raising questions about the whereabouts of the funds: 

Are local and state officials misappropriating taxpayers' dollars? 

Why aren't more taxpayers outraged? It's your money.