Jackpot: NYC Mayor To Give Migrants Pre-loaded Debit Cards Worth Up To $10,000

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Feb 21, 2024 - 05:00 PM

shocking ten million illegals have crossed the southern border into the US under President Biden's watch so far. Thousands of lucky migrants who end up in the progressive hellhole of New York City could soon receive pre-loaded debit cards with amounts as much as $10,000 under a new controversial program launched by Democrat Mayor Eric Adams. 

The New York Post reports Adam's genius plan to give unvetted illegals taxpayer funds is set to begin with 500 families staying at the luxurious Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. 

In February, the mayor told a reporter about the debit card program in response to a question: "We're doing a pilot project with 500 people." Each migrant in the pilot program is expected to receive a Mastercard debit card with $1,000 per month, allowing them to splurge on items at convenience stores. 

The no-bid contract's fine print with sketchy fintech firm Mobility Capital Finance leaves the option to helicopter drop upwards of $2.5 billion in taxpayer funds over one year. The fintech firm outlined it needed $53 million in fees to hand out free money. 

NYPost said: 

When The Post exposed the mayor's debit card program earlier this month, the mayor's office spun it as a money-saving program, to solve a problem: Migrants staying in hotels don't eat all their food.

Meanwhile, the head of the City Council's oversight and investigations committee is having a tough time understanding why the city issued the $53 million no-bid contract without shopping around. 

"I think you should bid it out to see who would do the best job at the best cost for taxpayers," Councilmember Gale Brewer said.

Unlike SNAP food debit cards, which are programmed only to pay for specific food items, Adams' potential multi-billion-dollar debit card program has zero protections and no fraud control.

What could go wrong?

As Ryan McMaken detailed recently, when you inventize something, you get more it, stupid! (paraphrasing):

In any case, we find tax money flows freely to foreign nationals, and immigration to the United States is heavily subsidized.

We should not be surprised when a lot of immigrants show up to get their share.

But really, Milton Friedman explained it best, decades ago! Simply put, he 'economicist-ly' points out that immigration is not all bad, only as long as it's illegal. That way, they cannot qualify for social security and welfare...

Or, maybe let's ask this question: Will Democrats be siphoning the taxpayer funds via migrant debit cards for election-related purposes?

Also, can anyone identify as a migrant to receive the free money? We're sure working poor New Yorkers struggling to survive in an era of failed Bidenomics would love debit cards full of money. 

This is the latest example of Democrats prioritizing illegals over Americans ahead of the elections. We wonder why?