Jeff Bezos' Superyacht Generates 447 Times The Yearly Carbon Emissions Of Average US Household

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Nov 27, 2023 - 10:20 PM

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' triple-masted $500 million superyacht is far from climate-friendly, generating hundreds of times the annual carbon footprint of a typical American household. 

At 417 feet, "Koru" is the world's largest sailing yacht. It produces a whopping 7,154 tons of greenhouse gasses on a per-annum basis, or about 447 times the entire annual carbon footprint of the average US household, the New York Post reported, citing Indiana researchers. 

Indiana anthropology Ph.D. candidate Beatriz Barros and anthropologist Richard Wilk led the research into Koru's emissions. 

Barros said, "But because they are so rich and so powerful, they feel like they are entitled [to travel in carbon-producing superyachts], whereas you and I should drive less, should eat less meat." 

Despite Koru's "green" ability to travel via the three masts, she said plenty of greenhouse gasses are still released to provide electricity on the vessel - typically by diesel marine generators. 

Meanwhile, the billionaires advocate for climate change while sailing around the world in luxury superyachts and jetting across continents in Gulfstream G500s that emit large amounts of carbon emissions. Then they advocate for laws to ban gas stoves, phase out petrol vehicles, ban cow farts with the eventual goal of insect burgers, and other radical structural changes to society that mirror WEF's global reset plan. 

This all comes days before Thursday's United Nations climate summit begins in Dubai. 

The two-week summit, COP28, also comes as the 'green' energy bubble is melting.