Lawless America: Truck Hauling Corvettes Hijacked In 'Grand Theft Auto'-Like Robbery

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Feb 18, 2024 - 11:05 PM

Fox 10 Phoenix reports that a 23-year-old man, freshly out of jail, hijacked a tractor-trailer loaded with exotic sports cars, telling law enforcement after he was caught, he simply needed a ride. 

According to the Cochise County Sheriff's Department in Phoenix, Arizona, the suspect, Isaiah Walker, "assaulted and robbed" a truck driver at a Willcox Loves Truck Stop. 

"Walker grabbed the victim and threw him from the cab," the sheriff's department wrote on Facebook. 

The suspect then "entered the vehicle, locked the door, stole the vehicle, and drove it from the parking lot," the sheriff's department continued, adding the truck was hauling ten Chevrolet C8 Corvettes with an estimated value above $1.25 million. 

More from the sheriff's department, describing the chase like a scene from the violent video game 'Grand Theft Auto': 

A deputy from the Cochise County Sheriff's Department located the stolen vehicle near Fort Grant Road and Browns Market where the officer attempted to stop the vehicle, which failed to yield to the deputy's emergency lights and sirens. The stolen vehicle began driving recklessly which caused vehicles to leave the roadway. As the stolen vehicle approached North Fort Grant Road and County Line Road, the vehicle turned onto County Line Road and stopped.

Mr. Walker was taken into custody by the Deputy and a Willcox Police Officer, who provided Mr. Walker with his Miranda Rights and interviewed him on the scene. 

Following his arrest, Walker explained that his motive for hijacking the truck was not to steal the Corvettes. Instead, he stated he was looking for a way to get home after being released from jail. 

Mr. Walker admitted to stealing the vehicle and advised that the Corvettes were not the reason and that he needed a truck to get home as he had just been released from prison. Mr. Walker was booked into the Cochise County Jail for multiple felony charges including Robbery, 11 counts of Theft of Means of Transportation, and Felony Theft. -sheriff 

This nonsense reminds us of the time that radical leftist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defended shoplifters as 'hungry' people seeking bread. 

Common sense 'law and order' must be reinforced nationwide as disastrous social justice policies have only emboldened criminals.