Debate: Sen. Ron Johnson And Fmr Congressman Joe Walsh Debate The War In Ukraine

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Mar 07, 2024 - 11:22 AM

ZeroHedge presents the latest debate in our series aimed at bringing live, long-form discussions on controversial topics back into the ideologically-siloed and echo-chambered media landscape.

We hope you enjoy this debate which pits two (one current, one former) members of Congress against each other — Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and former Congressman Joe Walsh of Illinois — for an in-depth discussion on the war in Ukraine and the role America should play now and in the future. X Spaces influencer Mario Nawfal will moderate the debate in-person, which will stream live on ZeroHedge, Rumble and X.

They will try to answer the question: Should the U.S. continue to fund and provide operational support to Ukraine?

To illustrate their divide: Walsh, the former Illinoisan Rep, has hailed Biden’s Ukraine policy as “one of the greatest defenses of freedom… ever put on the world’s stage” while the Wisconsinite Senator believes Ukraine “can’t win” and that it and the U.S. must pursue a negotiated settlement.

Healthy debate is sorely lacking on Capitol Hill, where it’s most needed. For bucking this trend, we have tremendous respect for both Johnson and Walsh and are looking forward to a civil exchange of ideas. We urge more elected officials to follow the Walsh-Johnson example.

As usual, our moderator will take questions submitted by Premium and Pro subscribers in the comment section (sign up here for the opportunity to have your question answered by a member of Congress).

We also wish to thank our primary sponsor, Birch Gold, for supporting free speech and open debate.