Map Reveals 'Great Migration' Population Shift Over Last Three Years

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Apr 01, 2024 - 10:55 AM

The virus pandemic, the rise of remote and hybrid work, and a surge in violent crime across progressive cities have significantly influenced the migration patterns of Americans over the past several years. 

A new report from real estate research firm ResiClub sheds more color on the migration trends, this time on a county-by-county basis. It reveals which counties in the US gained and or lost the most population between April 1, 2020, and July 1, 2023, citing data from the US Census Bureau. 

ResiClub founder Lance Lambert wrote on X that the "US Southeast, Mountain West, East/central Texas" had counties with some of the largest population gains over the period. Conversely, the counties based in California, the North and South Great Plains, parts of the Inland Midwest, and the inland Northeast had some of the most significant outflows. 

Lambert posted a list of the top 40 counties with the largest population shifts over the period. 

Top Three Counties With Largest Population Increase: 

  1. Collin, Texas
  2. Wake County, North Carolina
  3. Hillsborough, Florida

Top Three Counties With Largest Population Decrease: 

  1. Bronx County, New York
  2. Kings County, New York
  3. Queens County, New York

We assume this data has not captured the illegal migration shifts as millions of illegal aliens invade the US via open southern borders and flood progressive cities.