NVDA Adds Record $250BN In Market Cap Overnight: Two Goldman Sachs Or A Whole Netflix

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Feb 22, 2024 - 01:50 PM

Nvidia shares are extending overnight gains this morning, up almost 15% at their peak to a new record high...

NVDA was $207 one year ago today... while this morning pre-open, the stock traded up north of $775,

Nvidia surpassed high expectations, according to Morgan Stanley analyst Joseph Moore.

“We had never seen $2 billion+ of upside to quarterly revenue guidance until Nvidia did it a few quarters ago, but it has become routine during the AI surge,” he wrote.

“Strength of AI demand continues to be remarkable.”

Putting it on course, as Bloomberg reports, to add almost $250 billion in market cap...

That would be the biggest single-session increase in market value in history - bigger even that Meta's $197 billion jump on Feb 2nd.

NVDA is heading towards $2 trillion market cap now, having re-overtaken Alphabet and Amazon...

For context, NVDA just added a whole Netflix or a whole Adobe to its market cap, or just under half a JPMorgan or two Goldman Sachs!!!