The Permanent Strikes Continue: GM Joins Ford, Stellantis With Mass Layoffs As Result Of UAW Action

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Sep 21, 2023 - 04:05 PM

As the ill effects of the ongoing UAW strike continue, we will continue to document them. 

First, we wrote about Stellantis looking to close 18 facilities as part of contract negotiations.

Then, we wrote about Ford laying off 600 employees due to the strike.

On Thursday morning we reported that Stellantis was laying off 68 employees and furloughing another 300 as a result of the strike.

Now, the "permanent strike" numbers are moving even higher: GM has announced it is laying of 2,000 workers as a result of the strike. 

On Wednesday, General Motors took the step of suspending operations at a manufacturing facility located in Kansas, resulting in the layoff of nearly all of its workforce, comprising approximately 2,000 individuals, according to NBC

In its official statement, the automaker clarified that the reason behind this decision stems from the absence of available tasks for the majority of employees stationed at the Fairfax assembly plant. This scarcity of work is a direct consequence of a strike initiated by workers at another GM facility this past Friday.

Furthermore, the company conveyed that it is unable to offer supplemental unemployment benefits in this instance, citing the unique circumstances surrounding the situation.

These layoffs come in the wake of the United Auto Workers union initiating a strike on Friday, following the expiration of its previous contract with Stellantis, Ford, and GM. This strike saw approximately 12,700 workers walk off the job.

As the first week of the strike nears its end, these layoffs serve as a clear indication that both sides involved are becoming increasingly steadfast in their positions.

On Tuesday, the head of United Auto Workers, Shawn Fain, declared he will unleash additional strikes across manufacturing facilities of General Motors Co., Ford Motor Co., and Stellantis NV on Friday. This move is contingent on the three automakers not properly addressing the union's demands for a new four-year labor contract for its 146,000 members. 

"Either the Big Three get down to business and work with us to make progress in negotiations, or more locals will be called on to stand up and go out on strike," UAW boss Fain said in a YouTube video published Monday evening. 

Fain said, "We're not waiting around, and we're not messing around. So, noon on Friday, Sept. 22 is a new deadline." 

Keep "holding out", UAW - pretty soon there will be no auto industry left and you can claim victory over the evil executives who work there. Except, no one will have jobs, of course...