Philadelphia Macy's Security Guard Fatally Stabbed By Shoplifter With Over A Dozen Prior Arrests

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Dec 06, 2023 - 01:25 AM

Still wondering why your favorite retailer is in a rush to move its city locations out to the suburbs?

A security guard was stabbed to death and another guard was injured at the Center City Philadelphia Macy's on Monday morning this week, after an attempted shoplifting that went wrong. 

30 year old Tyrone Tunnell "was attempting to steal several hats when he was stopped by security", according to 6ABC Philadelphia. Guards were able to get the store's merchandise back, but a confrontation ensued when Tunnell came back to the store 15 minutes after he was caught. 

When he returned he was carrying a knife and stabbed one of the security guards. A second guard then came over to help and was stabbed several times. 

The first guard was pronounced dead shortly after due to stab wounds in the neck. The second guard, a 23 year old man, is listed as stable condition and is being held in a Philadelphia hospital. 

Tunnell "has been arrested more than a dozen times for retail theft, robbery and drug offenses across the region, including Philadelphia and Bucks, Delaware and Montgomery counties," according to ABC. 

Philadelphia Interim Police Commissioner John Stanford said: "There was a scuffle with the second security guard trying to save the first guard that's stabbed and that security guard sustained several slash wounds as well." 

"Things are just getting worse. People don't care. They have no heart," a woman on the scene told 6ABC. Another woman commented: "These young people are just trying to do a job, secure the store, make the customers feel safe and secure and it's just awful."

The suspect left the premises and fled on SEPTA, but was eventually found and arrested at the Somerset station.

"It's just so sad and heartbreaking for the families to have to go through this," one South Philadelphia resident said. Another resident told 6ABC: "I'm scared right now. It's like you can't go to the stores anymore to do your own shopping now."

Macy's released a statement saying:

We are heartbroken about the incident that took place today at Macy's Center City. The store will temporarily remain closed as we work with law enforcement on this investigation and defer any further comments about the case to them. Ensuring the safety and well-being of our customers and colleagues is always our top priority.

We're sure it won't be long until yet another retailer picks up shop and moves out of yet another major U.S. city...