The "Post-Degree" Era Is Here: Study Reveals Top 10 Six Figure Careers That Don't Rely On College

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Dec 20, 2023 - 04:45 AM

During a day and age when the idea of going to college looks less and less like a way to get ahead in the world and more and more like a path for a guaranteed "woke" lobotomy, younger generations are starting to question the importance of higher education.

We already know that kids out of high school who learn a trade are often on a fast track to starting their own businesses and making six figure incomes with far less debt than college students, in quicker time.

Now, experts at Velents AI have offered up research to find other modern careers that could earn six-figure salaries without requiring a college degree, what they are calling the "post-degree" era. 

Their methodology involved analyzing Google data, studying salary ranges from Indeed and ZipRecruiter, and examining job listings on Indeed until December 2023.

The study found that:

  • Video game streamer is leading the list as the highest-paying job accessible without a degree and offers earnings up to $170,000. 
  • Virtual assistants, with potential earnings of up to $123,180, are the most sought-after on the list, with the most job openings and over 3 million searches on Google.
  • Event planners, despite having the fewest available positions, were still searched on Google over 632K times.

Freelance writers rank second, earning $60,990 to $156,000, with over 900 job listings on Indeed and significant interest on Google.

Third, affiliate marketing specialists can earn $72,620 to $142,450, open to individuals regardless of formal education. Content creators, fourth on the list, potentially earn $115,730 to $128,500, with 787 job openings on Indeed, suitable for skilled storytellers and media influencers.

Virtual assistants, at the midpoint, have potential earnings of $74,660 to $123,180, being the most sought-after role with 3,930 job openings on Indeed. Social media managers, in sixth place, can earn $64,370 to $113,000, with 767 job openings on Indeed, requiring skills in online branding.

Seventh-ranked influencers have earning potentials of $65,098 to $104,100, building careers on social media platforms through personal branding. Event planners are eighth, with earnings between $60,759 and $101,000, requiring creative planning skills and having 443 jobs listed on Indeed.

Ninth are graphic designers, earning $58,130 to $97,850, with 1,860 job openings and over 1 million Google searches. Customer support representatives, rounding out the top ten, can earn $52,200 to $71,700, with 446 job openings on Indeed.

To which we can only reply: video game streamers are making $170,000 a year? Maybe we'll have to cut out the "sitting at home in mom's basement" jokes for a little while...