"Resign Today": Maryland Republicans Voice Outrage Over Superintendent's Education Scandal

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Sep 14, 2023 - 01:00 AM

Last weekend, Fox45 News' Project Baltimore asked Maryland Governor Wes Moore about the massive grade scandal and alleged cover-up in Baltimore City Public Schools, which ranks as the country's fourth most funded school system. Moore went on to say that he has transparency concerns about Maryland State Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury over an encrypted messaging app to do official state business. 

"I want transparency, I want accountability, and I want a superintendent that believes in it and can deliver it. The results we are seeing right now are not satisfactory results, and I demand better, and we need to make sure we are getting better results for our kids," Moore said. 

Superintendent Choudhury's contract is set to expire in June 2024. The state board was scheduled to vote on a new contract in July but postponed it for two months due to 'transparency issues.' Now, the vote is set for later this month. 

However, the odds of the top Maryland education official receiving a contract extension from the state board wanes. That's because lead investigator journalist Chris Papst of Fox45 News reported Wednesday that calls for Choudhury's resignation are growing: 

"Two MD Delegates & one Senator calling on @MdPublicSchools State Superintendent to RESIGN TODAY! They cite Project Baltimore reports concerning Mohammed Choudhury using a hidden email account, deleting texts on his phone and using an encrypted messaging App for work."

Papst previously spoke to Sean Kennedy from the Maryland Public Policy Institute. Kennedy said, "I see this as an unfolding scandal where the superintendent is going to have to resign. It's just a matter of when."

"There cannot continue to be scandal after scandal after scandal," Kennedy said, adding, "The drip, drip, drip has become a downpour, and the State Board of Education is going to be forced to act."

Last week, Papst revealed that corruption at the Baltimore City Public Schools level extends all the way up to the Maryland State Superintendent of Schools. 

And earlier this year, Papst's team released this shocking report in February: 'Education Crisis': 23 Baltimore City Schools Have No Students Proficient In Math

One must wonder why taxpayers aren't more furious about the massive education scandal in a state governed by out-of-control progressives.