'Squeegee Boy' Acquitted Of Murder For Shooting Motorist In Back, Convicted Of Manslaughter

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Jul 29, 2023 - 05:00 PM

Besides blaming the commercial real estate office tower crash in Baltimore City's Inner Harbor district (read: here & here & here) solely on remote work, out-of-control crime is another major issue sparking the business exodus. It's not us saying this, but large financial institutions we spoke with who dare not utter this in the public domain for fear that Democrats in City Hall would weaponize some city agency after them have told us this. 

They also said one of the breaking points was a horrific incident in the summer of 2022 when 48-year-old Timothy Reynolds was shot in the back by a so-called 'squeegee boy' in the crime-ridden district at an intersection on President Street. 

Reynolds, 48, grabbed a baseball bat and approached the group of teens, who were apparently harassing and extorting motorists for cash to wash their windshields. One of the teens grabbed a pistol and shot the man in the back, face, and neck. He bled out and died of his injuries. Office workers are routinely harassed by teens on the strip of roadway.

One year later, the shooter, 16, Tavon Scott, was acquitted of first and second-degree murder, but jurors found him guilty of voluntary manslaughter of Reynolds. Jurors rejected the idea the killing of Reynolds was premeditated murder, even though Scott put on a face mask to hide his identity and retrieved a gun from a backpack. 

Lawyers for Scott argued he acted in self-defense, while prosecutors stated Reynolds was walking away when the teen unleashed a hail of bullets at the motorist, according to The Baltimore Sun

Besides being convicted of voluntary manslaughter, Scott was also found guilty of two gun-related crimes -- using a gun in a crime of violence and using a firearm while under age 21. 

"This was not a case of self-defense. This was not a case of an accident. This was not a case of the gun going off. This was not a case of a child being frightened," said Thiru Vignarajah, an attorney for the Reynolds family leading up to the trial.

Meanwhile, The Sun said a woman juror was in tears after finding Scott guilty. She looked at the teen and mouthed: "I'm sorry." 

Everyone is entitled to self-defense, but it's unjustifiable for anyone to shoot another person in the back.

So who created the conditions for this horrific incident to happen? Well, one possible answer is the progressives in City Hall, who have failed to enforce law and order. 

And now you understand why office workers want out of the crime-ridden city