Super Micro Meltdown As 3rd Leg Of Market Melt-Up Stool Breaks

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Feb 16, 2024 - 03:01 PM

After its 250% rally over the past 21 trading days, Super Micro (SMCI) is... umm... red!

It's been up 18 of those 21 days with the biggest daily decline being 0.6%, so this is notable. SMCI is back below $900 (from $1080 highs)

And it's 0-DTE options traders that are suddenly reversing. They started by aggressively selling calls and are now piling into puts...

Source: SpotGamma

It appears we were right this morning...

As high beta momentum is fading fast...

All of which, pro subs were warned about here, as today's $2.4 trillion OpEx means 90% of dealer gamma evaporates and the market can 'unclench'.