"These People Are F**king Nuts And You Should Be Calling Them Out": Bill Maher Snaps At Neil deGrasse Tyson Over Woke College Campuses

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Nov 06, 2023 - 02:22 PM

Bill Maher just destroyed liberal science icon Neil deGrasse Tyson over the latter's refusal to call out college students over woke, anti-free-speech temper tantrums on campuses nationwide.

Tyson, never a fan of staying in his lane, lamented that Maher had 'abandoned college campuses' to perform stand-up comedy due to woke kids, to which Maher replied "every comedian has ... literally everyone."

Tyson then asked Maher how he would approach comedy if he was a young comedian today.

"Would you just develop a whole other comedic repertoire that does not end up having people picket outside your thing? Are you just transposed and you're not adjusting to the shifting terrain?" - Implying that Maher should craft a woke-friendly routine that seeks not to offend anyone. "So, why is it their fault (the students) and not your fault?"

'You're being so broad about the whole thing," Maher replied, adding "that doesn't work because it doesn't ever explain anything. If you want to talk about specific issues... it's funny, you know, this subject comes up a lot of times with like people who are you know my friends who are around my age 40 um no and they have like kids who are like super woke and drive them fucking nuts."

"I got woke kids," Tyson replied, adding "I will never be as woke as my kids would want me to be, ever."

To which Maher replied, "Yeah, but you're a little too still... and you know woke does not automatically mean better, just like newer doesn't automatically mean better. So that' why I say, to talk broadly is bullshit. You have to talk about what specific issue are we talking about."

Tyson then said that Maher used to be good in the 70s when he would "read the room," to which Maher replied: "Am I not woke enough for you?"

Tyson tried to argue that there was surely "a portfolio of jokes that would work on a college campus," to which Maher replied:

"I would hope not. Maybe some college campuses. The ones you read about are fucking insane--

"You have given up on an entire generation," Tyson interjected, to which Maher shot back: "I have given up on any place that doesn't even remotely attempt to believe in free speech, and thinks that anything they hear that they don't like, that they don't agree with is violence. These people are fucking nuts, and you should be calling them out. Somebody like you who has standing with kids, should be - not joining. You're doing what parents do - you're taking the path of least resistance. And therefore, hurting the kids, and yourself. Parents ruin both their lives. They ruin their fuckin' spoiled kids lives, and they ruin their own lives if the kids rule the roost. So that's what you're doing on a national level."