We Can Be Lied To About Anything...

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Jun 17, 2024 - 02:15 PM

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Here’s a noncontroversial statement: Joe Biden is unfit to be President of the United States. Democrats know it, Republicans know it, people in the media know it, other world leaders know it, you know it, and I know it.

Putting aside your partisan biases for a second, think of the endless deluge of clips where the current President of the United States trails off while talkingmumbles incoherently, loses his frame of reference, shakes hands with nobody, trips and falls, falls asleep, or stares off into outer space during important international gatherings.

I know this isn’t just a case of my “lying eyes” or simply taking clips out of context because friends of mine who lean left also notice it and tell me that they wish the Democrats would run another candidate.

Last week, a clip surfaced where Joe Biden, in the midst of a meeting with Italy’s Giorgia Meloni and other world leaders at the G7 summit, wanders off from the group of leaders and needs to be directed back to where to stand by Meloni, who assists him.

One ally at the summit reportedly said about Biden it’s the ‘worst he has ever been’.

This follows another clip that surfaced last week of Biden alongside Vice President Kamala Harris, her husband, some dude in a dress, and a crowd full of people dancing to gospel music at the White House. As the room claps along, dances, and sways to Kirk Franklin, Biden rigidly sways for a couple seconds and then appears frozen, staring straight ahead, paralyzed, like the first time I took a whole 10 mg THC edible.

These are just the latest two incidents in a bizarre series of gaffes over the last four years for Biden. While Democrats in my life at least have the decency and presence of mind to realize they would sound idiotic trying to make the argument that Biden is still sharp, the media has no such finesse and no such decency.

In fact, last week, multiple left-wing commentators took to MSNBC to make the argument that the video clip of Biden wandering off from Giorgia Meloni was nothing more than a classic case of misinformation. They argued that it was “disinformation” — stop me if you’ve heard that one before.

The evidence that Biden appears lost is right in front of their face, yet with a straight face, they tell their viewers that the clip is being taken out of context. The next day, the media was till at it, turning their attention to why Trump is not well and fit for office, and acting as though Biden’s mental faculties are rock solid and time tested.

To quote Will Smith in “Men in Black”, “What you think you saw, you did not see.”

“Just do us a favor and look right here.”

As a strategy for Democrats, lying has been extremely effective.

It has helped them sidestep consequences from the inconvenient facts that we were lied to about vaccines and mandates, we were likely lied to about the origin of the COVID virus, we were lied to about the United States' role in gain-of-function research, we were lied to about Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s international business dealings, we were lied to about “peaceful” protests that saw unconscionable private property damage post-George Floyd, we have been lied to about the jobs numbers, we’ve been lied to about inflation being at 9% when Joe Biden took office, and we were lied to — and subsequently censored — about Hunter Biden’s laptop just one month before the pivotal 2020 election.

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Then, 51 former intelligence officials went full hara-kari with their credibility by vouching for the false Russian disinformation story we were being fed about the laptop. Quite the effort, no?

Those are just the examples I can rattle off from the top of my head, but together they make up a compendium of vitally crucial issues in the recent history of our country that have no doubt played a material role in our elections.

And I admit, on both sides of the aisle, lying has always been synonymous with politics. For as long as I’ve been alive, people have been saying politicians lie, and they haven’t been wrong.

But something has changed, as I recently talked about with my friend Chris Martensen on Peak Prosperity. The advent of alternative digital media and the ease with which individuals can now conduct research and fact-check things themselves is far greater than it has ever been. It only takes some critical thinking, or in the case of trying to figure out whether Joe Biden is lucid, a quick 2-second interval of simply opening your eyes on Twitter or YouTube, to determine whether or not you’re being lied to now.

“Biden is sharp and claims to the contrary are ‘disinformation’,” Exhibit #413

What I said to Chris in our interview was that in the old days, a lie could solidify itself globally and it could be 15 to 20 years before the lying party offers a limited hangout that suggests to the public something may not have been truthful in years past.

Nowadays, with alternative media and the Internet, that window between telling the lie and the public beginning to unearth the objective truth has slammed shut.

“Back in the day, if you had a Gulf of Tonkin incident or an Operation Northwoods, or whatever, it would be 10 years later there would be a limited hangout. Fifteen years later, there would be a little bit more, and 20 years later, it would have kind of homogenized itself in the zeitgeist of everything, and everybody one day just kind of walks around and accepts the fact that, you know, ‘Oh, the Gulf of Tonkin was made up’,” I told Chris.

“But now, the internet has sped that whole process up and alternative media has sped that up. So, from 2020, you know, that check has come due right now. You know, the Hunter Biden lies—that check has come due now. The Ivermectin lies—that check has come due now.”

I know this because Democrats are now witnessing the consequences of the lies that they’ve just told over the last four years.

There’s no way to avoid the fact that the Democratic party is in shambles right now.

Democrats are bleeding crucial demographics that they otherwise would have normally been expected to carry with ease. The reasoning for this? Their lack of finesse in executing their political strategy and the speed with which people are able to discern that they are being lied to.

A better way to say this? People are simply finally waking up.

What has been fascinating to watch is the party's inability to read the room, now replete with people who are unamused by their detachment from truth and reality.

argued last week that some mindfulness and humility would do the Democratic Party some good and maybe even win it respect from the likes of people like myself and other centrists or libertarians.

But based on MSNBC parading obvious lies about Joe Biden’s mental acuity last week and continuing to try to blame the everyday citizen for not being smart enough to understand what it is that they’re looking at, it seems like the party simply remains on a hamster wheel of self-destruction.

Hopefully, they’ll learn the hard way during election season, similar to what we saw in Europe last week.

But as a simple outside observer and concerned citizen, it’s a great time for us all to be reminded that no part of the left seems to be conceding reality or adapting their political strategy.

Which means the key lesson to keep in mind heading into November is that no matter how sensational the headline or how concerned they tell us we should be about an issue, the most important thing is to remember: we can, and will, be lied to about anything and everything.

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