"What The Heck?!": United Airlines Boeing 757 Loses Wheel After LAX Takeoff

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Jul 08, 2024 - 08:40 PM

"United Airlines @united @Boeing wheel fell off after take off from LAX this morning going to Longmont, Colorado! Is this another maintenance issue?! What the heck?! husband was on flight and texted me the pilot luckily landed the plane safely," X user SusanRealtor wrote around noon. 

Bloomberg has just confirmed the mid-air incident involving United Airlines.

A spokesperson for the carrier told the media outlet that United Flight 1001, a Boeing 757-200, lost a main landing gear wheel while taking off from Los Angeles International Airport at 0716 local time. The plane landed safely at Denver International Airport at 1010 local time. 

The mishap appears to be a downstream issue, likely related to the airline's ground crew instead of Boeing.

In mid-March, United CEO Scott Kirby issued a statement to customers, reassuring them that the carrier's planes are safe following a series of mid-air incidents.

Here are some of those incidents: 

And this on Sunday...

There's nothing to worry about.