ZeroHedge Live Debate: Was January 6 A Manufactured Crisis?

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Jan 07, 2024 - 02:50 PM

ZeroHedge presents the second debate in our inaugural series aimed at bringing long-form dialogues back into the ideologically-siloed and echo-chambered media landscape.

Enjoy this in-depth discussion on the various aspects of that fateful day in 2021, allowing people with all perspectives a chance to present evidence and make their argument.

Our panelists include such media luminaries as Alex Jones, Darren Beattie, Glenn Greenwald on one side, and Ed and Brian Krassenstein, as well as Destiny on the other, with Ian Crossland moderating.

We hope to get closer to the truth of what happened on that day and get to the bottom of what creates such harsh social divides on this issue.