Address Metabolic Crisis At Its Root, Don't Hook Obese Americans On Gov't-Funded Ozempic

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Mar 12, 2024 - 10:55 AM

Calley Means, a one-time consultant for big food and pharmaceutical companies in the Washington, DC, swamp, and now the founder of TrueMed, a company that enables tax-free spending on food and exercise, has been on a multi-month roadshow exposing how eye-popping bills for Novo Nordisk A/S' Ozempic, its sister drug Wegovy and similar medications, known as GLP-1s, should not be covered by taxpayers, but instead use the funds to address the root cause of the metabolic crisis. 

"If our kids are being poisoned by our food, the solution is not to let that happen + inject them w government-funded Ozempic for life," Means wrote in an X post in early February, commenting on his interview with Tucker Carlson. 

In a separate interview with Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Means explained Novo Nordisk's market capitalization has jumped to over $600 billion on expectations that US profits will soar when taxpayer monies cover the injections, upwards of $15,000 per patient per year. 

He then asked: "Is $15,000 per obese American - should that money be going to a band aid lifetime injection? What else could we do with that money to fix the root cause?" 

Means continued: "The chronic disease treadmill hasn't worked. The more medications we prescribe, the more heart disease goes up. The more SSRIs we prescribe, the more suicide and depression go up. And on and on and on..."  

"Literally, to my account, there hasn't been a chronic disease treatment in American history that has lowered rates of the chronic disease it's trying to treat," he said. 

"We must ask how all these chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, depression, and kidney disease, are connected - and they're connected by metabolic health," he said. 

Means asked: "So then, what can we do with that $15,000?"

He simply answered: "We can incentivize metabolic habits and fix the food system." 

However, our leaders' path is clear: overlook the toxic food system and minimally promote healthy lifestyles. The government and big pharma have a lot to profit from hooking obese Americans on yet another injectable drug. 

More than ever, Americans must break free of the food-industrial complex and big pharma or risk early death.