"Not A Good Decision For Young People" - Florida Surgeon-General Snubs FDA 'COVID Boosters-For-All' Guidance

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Sep 15, 2023 - 07:20 PM

Uttering words that would have seen you excommunicated from 'good' society, ostracized to an island of racists, bigots, and vaccine-deniers; Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo said in a statement that the vaccines "are not backed by clinical evidence, but blind faith alone with ZERO regard for widespread immunity."

In guidance (pdf) to patients and doctors, the Florida Department of Health added:

"Based on the high rate of global immunity and currently available data, the state surgeon general recommends against the COVID-19 booster for individuals under 65. Individuals 65 and older should discuss this information with their health care provider, including potential concerns outlined in this guidance."

This directly contradicts guidance from The White House (everyone get up to date) and the CDC and FDA (endorsing the new jabs for anyone over 6 months old):

“We continue to live in a world where the CDC and the [Food and Drug Administration], when it comes to COVID at least, are just beating their own path in a direction that’s inexplicable in terms of thinking about data and in thinking about common sense,” Ladapo said.

And three years into this flu season, Ladalpo highlights 'herd immunity' among most of America:

With the amount of immunity that’s in the community - with virtually every walking human being having some degree of immunity, and with the questions we have about safety and about effectiveness, especially about safety, my judgment is that it’s not a good decision for young people and for people who are not at high risk at this point in the pandemic,” he said.

Florida Governor DeSantis agreed:

“I will not stand by and let the FDA and CDC use healthy Floridians as guinea pigs for new booster shots that have not been proven to be safe or effective,”

In March, the CDC and FDA sent a letter to Ladapo, warning that he was fueling vaccine hesitancy and harming Florida’s seniors. 

Ladalpo is not alone in his scepticism.

"Pushing a new COVID vaccine without human-outcomes data makes a mockery of the scientific method and our regulatory process," Drs. Marty Makary and Tracy Beth Hoeg said in an op-ed.

"If public-health officials don’t want a repeat disappointing turnout of Americans who get the COVID booster shot, they should require a proper clinical trial to show the American people the benefit," they added.

Just 17 percent of Americans received one of the bivalent doses, which were made available in the fall of 2022. The new vaccines replaced the bivalents.

"The CDC is advising the children get these boosters when there's no evidence that children receive any benefit and clear evidence that they receive harm," Dr. Robert Malone, who helped invent the messenger RNA (mRNA) technology the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines use, said on EpochTV's "Crossroads."

Risks include myocarditis, a form of heart inflammation that can lead to sudden death.

And cue the mainstream media 'blood on their hands... science-denying' headlines.