'Science' Discovers That "Sex Matters" For Sports Performance, Not 'Gender-Identity'

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Dec 26, 2023 - 07:25 PM

In an earth-shattering, mind-blowing, narrative-destroying new scientific study from PhDs at King's College, London, researchers found:

"...a sex gap in race times between athletes who identify as non-binary, and that there is no evidence that the gap between biological males and biological females is less for athletes who identify as non-binary."

In other words - saying you're a girl does not change the fact that you biologically a boy... and that's science.

Dr John Armstrong, Reader in Financial Mathematics at King's, said:

It is generally accepted that sports performance depends on a mixture of biological and social factors.

According to gender-identity theory, gender-identity is much more important than sex in determining almost all outcomes and this should include mass participation sport.

We did not find a reduction in sex differences in race times with the non-binary category.

Thus the data does not support gender-identity theory.

On the other hand, we did find that within the non-binary category sex was a powerful predictor of race times.

Thus the data supports the gender-critical theory that sex matters.

Even more remarkably, the study found that the trans-athletes were mediocre when considered against their biological sex cohort:

The results also indicate that non-binary athletes may have slower race times than other athletes once sex and age are controlled for.

The researchers conclude, callously disregarding non-PhDs expert feelings:

Given the lack of empirical evidence supporting gender-identity theory, one should not assume by default that gender-identity is a more powerful explanatory variable than sex.

Being an objectively measurable binary variable, sex has considerable explanatory advantages over gender identity.

Armstrong concluded:

 “Gender identity is clearly important to many people, but nevertheless sex matters.

The 'experts' at King's College have a problem though - other 'experts' with 'science', believe otherwise...

"Settled science?"

This shocking revelation from 'science' sparked world-tilting prompted an avalanche of stunned responses on social media:

Ivermectin works? Sex matters? What next from science? 'Diversity' is not our strength? Socialism does not promote utopia? Guns don't kill people?