A Startling Compilation: 'Neither Safe Nor Effective'

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Friday, Aug 25, 2023 - 09:00 PM

Authored by Linda Weigenfeld via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

Doctors without Borders protest outside Pfizer world headquarters on April 23, 2015 in New York City. (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

A section of Dr. Colleen Huber’s introduction to her very important book, “Neither Safe Nor Effective 2nd Edition: The Evidence Against the COVID Vaccines,” is worth quoting before looking at the book as a whole:

“Dr. Peter McCullough, an American cardiologist, called the COVID vaccines, ‘the worst pharmaceutical development idea in the history of mankind.’”

“It often comes as a surprise to people that mRNA-type medical interventions and coronavirus vaccines had plenty of red flags through their history prior to December 2020. The ingredients used were already known to be toxic: Cationic lipids injure the nervous system, lungs and liver, as well as cell membranes throughout the body. Polyethylene glycol was never used for injections, due to safety concerns. mRNA had already been shown to change DNA. Previous attempts at coronavirus vaccines had all failed and killed the test animals. So inflicting the world’s population with a new, mostly untested vaccine for which its components already had so many safety warnings was the most widespread reckless experiment in human history.

Dr. Peter McCullough (L) confers with Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) during a panel discussion on COVID 19, on Jan. 24, 2022. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Dr. Huber exposes the deaths, injuries, and the lack of desired results left in the wake of the COVID vaccines. She backs up her words with over 700 references to medical studies and government webpages.

A Little Background

Dr. Colleen Huber’s clinic in Tempe, Arizona, has provided cancer care by naturopathic physicians for its 16 years of existence. In 2014, Dr. Huber authored the largest and longest study in medical history on sugar intake in cancer patients.

Since the spring of 2020, Dr. Huber’s research interests have focused on the health hazards of masks and the COVID vaccines, as well as early treatments for COVID. As a medical expert in court cases related to vaccine safety concerns, she has, to prepare testimony for trials, compiled vital statistics, data from vaccine manufacturers, and other data from the United States and governments from around the world.

While parts of Dr. Huber’s book are quite technical and others unpleasant (to say the least), without access to a book with data such as this, the health of those receiving vaccines could be further jeopardized and lives lost. The documentation is complete and comprehensive, supporting Dr. Huber’s intention to expose the truth about the COVID vaccinations.

An illustration of Moderna’s Covid-19 Vaccine stickers and syringes on Nov. 17, 2020. (Justin Tallis /AFP via Getty Images)

A Lack of Public Scrutiny

Dr. Huber discusses how the naïve public was required to allow Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson to inject substances on pure faith—without any scientific results backing up the company’s products.

Each of the manufacturers were inadequately scrutinized by the public prior to widespread use of the vaccines. Yet there was reason to thoroughly examine these companies. Pfizer had the distinction of paying the largest criminal fine in history for fraud, and Moderna had never produced anything before, much less a medical treatment. Johnson and Johnson had recently been convicted of asbestos contamination in its talcum powder. Thus, the three main manufacturers of the COVID vaccines each had a history that should have alarmed people.

There was also an assumption by the public that the vaccines would be better than the disease. Perhaps, in part, this assumption was due to a heavily financed and carefully choreographed COVID fear campaign.

Dr. Huber says that an emergency experimental vaccine cannot be assumed to be safer than a virus with a very high survival rate such as COVID.

Vaccine Side Effects

Dr. Huber documents the effects of COVID vaccinations. For example, the vaccine may cause blood clotting which can cause strokes, heart attacks, and pulmonary embolisms.

The vaccine turns the body into a spike-protein factory. These spike proteins then damage blood vessels and cells throughout the body, including cells in the heart.

Uveitis, an eye inflammation, is a common complaint within a few days following a COVID vaccination.  This manifests as blurred vision, floaters, pain, redness and/or light sensitivity.  Injuries to the retina and clouding of the vitreous humor (the clear gel that we see through) have also been reported.

By August 2022, data analyst Raimond Hagemann had compiled information on birth rate changes in 19 European countries and produced an extremely important paper. Nine months after the peak of COVID vaccinations, birth rates sharply declined and stayed down.

Cancers, especially aggressive cancers, have increased enormously since peak COVID vaccine uptake in spring of 2021.

Demyelinating disorders, that is, conditions that damage a layer of cells that protect the nerves, have been reported following the vaccinations.  These include multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barre, seizures, encephalopathies, and encephalitis.

A map showing share of population fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Note Africa’s vaccination rate. (Our World In Data/CC BY-SA 4.0)

Other Chapters of Interest

Dr. Huber has a chapter giving a review of the immune system, and another explains why vaccines for respiratory diseases cannot work. There is also a chapter demonstrating with graphs that the more vaccines (boosters) a person receives, the more damage that can occur.

Offering suggestions for healing the vaccine injured, Dr. Huber adds the disclaimer that she cannot guarantee any of her advice will even partially heal the injured but some of it may prove effective in some cases. She mentions Vitamin D with its long and very successful history against viral infections, as well as agmatine, phosphatidyl serine, and nattokinase.

She also advises looking to Africa for solutions. Africa has been a beacon of light against an otherwise bleak global map. The continent has the distinction of having very little incidence and deaths from COVID when compared to the rest of the populated world. Africa also had an extraordinarily low vaccination rate. Instead, of vaccines, ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine have been widely used throughout equatorial Africa for about a half century as they happen to be very useful against endemic parasites.

Dr. Huber includes a chapter on legal cases that are pertinent to bodily autonomy. She includes a link to each case, including some in which she was not involved, with quotes from each ruling judge.

She also talks about how to obtain religious and medical exemptions to COVID vaccines—providing a letter which asserts civil rights and supports bodily autonomy.

Speaking to the Author

Colleen Huber provided some insights as to why she wrote “Neither Safe Nor Effective.”

Dr. Colleen Huber, author of “Neither Safe Nor Effective, 2nd Edition: The Evidence Against the COVID Vaccines.” (Substack)

Fearing a pandemic may happen again, Dr. Huber worried about the almost blind acceptance of COVID vaccines. She hopes her book will help stop mandatory COVID vaccination for all people because one size does not fit all. The bodies of people are different and react in different ways to drugs, vaccines, and even food. Thus, she hopes her book will provoke second thoughts in those who are thinking of getting COVID injections in the future.

She also wants to dispense information that empowers people. By publishing her data now, she shows what happens when a government and social-media companies collude to stifle a free exchange of medical information. It’s become clear that problems with the COVID vaccines would have been easier to prevent before they were administered than to treat the problems they’ve created afterwards.

And, of course, she wants to provide resources to help the vaccine injured.

Dr. Huber’s reasons for her writing the book are the very reasons that you should buy the book. Knowledge is power.