Boots On The Ground: ZeroHedge Invades SHOT Show

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Jan 23, 2024 - 09:20 PM

Las Vegas is hosting three notable conventions this week: Guns (SHOT Show), World of Concrete, and porn (AVN Adult Entertainment Expo).

We can't attend all three events, so we will have boots on the ground this week at the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show), the world's largest shooting sports, hunting, and law enforcement industries expo of its kind.

The closed-door event is being held at the Venetian Expo in Vegas through Friday. It features 500+ suppliers, some of which are defense contractors, offering weapons and gear for Tier 1 operators to law enforcement to civilian markets. 

Besides firearms and defense industry insiders walking the floors, there will be law enforcement and armed forces from around the world. This is where these folks make deals on everything from the latest body armor to machine guns to kamikaze drones to robot dogs with guns, and much more. 

As a preview, we walked the floors last year and found: 

Our focus will be the same as last year: shed light on the newest weapons technologies used by Tier 1 operators. 

Here's what we found: 

Integrated Launch Solutions makes the M72 Tactical Gimbal-Remote Weapons System that fires two 66mm rockets. This system can be mounted on a vehicle and or drone. 

ILS said Ukraine is actively talking with them about acquiring "hundreds" of these weapon systems in the next 1-3 months. 

Defense firm Valor Tactical Innovation displayed a lightweight, next-generation ground mount for the shoulder-fired anti-armor system, the Javelin system. 

Armor company The Rook showed a new mini 'Killdozer' with a hydraulic breaching ram. 

Three mini-guns mounted on a Polaris UTV. 

Flux Defense said Tier 1 operators are using these pistol-caliber carbines on the modern battlefield. 

ATF agents attending SHOT were not pleased to be there. 

And this...

Another defense firm showed off a Polaris UTV with mounted heavy machine guns. 

Lenco Armored Vehicles presents an armored vehicle for law enforcement. 

Here's an inside view of the vehicle. 

We stopped by the Gun Owners of America's exhibit, where Eric Pratt, GOA vice president, told us:

"GOA is delighted to be at Shot Show 2024. We're working to make contacts with industry leaders who share our no-compromise approach to protecting and restoring the Second Amendment. We're encountering an unprecedented excitement, where they're wanting to partner and work with GOA. This is fantastic, because the more companies that we represent in our Strategic Partnership Program, the louder voice we have Congress and in the courts."

US Ordnance showed off its MK19 MOD 3 40mm grenade machine gun.

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