Trump Mulls Deploying Special Forces To Assassinate Mexican Drug Lords: Report 

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, May 09, 2024 - 06:40 PM

Conservative think tank Center for Renewing America floated the idea a year and a half ago that "It's time to wage war on transnational drug cartels." 

This comes as the drug death catastrophe in the US eclipses the entire Vietnam War every six months. The vast majority of deaths are derived from fentanyl-laced narcotics, which come from Mexico, via open southern borders pushed by radical leftists in the White House. 

The prospect of a million dead Americans over the next decade should be a significant concern for the leftists in the White House. Still, they could care less as their goal of flooding the nation with illegal aliens to sway future elections outweighs the fentanyl epidemic. 

The mass murder of Americans is truly shocking, with new evidence from the House Select Committee last month that detailed the Chinese Communist Party was helping to facilitate the manufacturing and exporting of fentanyl chemicals overseas that ended up being smuggled across the open southern border and or northern border into the US, then ending up on the streets of America. 

More than ever, Americans want the Biden administration to act on securing borders and ports. Yet officials only whisper sweet nothings into voters' ears as the border invasion worsens, hence why Biden's polls are spiraling lower. 

Real Clear Politics data shows Biden's polling data continues to sink. This comes as Bloomberg headline data showing "border crisis" exploded this year. 

Meanwhile, a new report in Rolling Stone, citing three sources close to former President Trump, suggests that on his first day back in office, should he be reelected, he plans to deploy America's Special Forces operators to combat cartel leaders.

More from the report: 

Trump is currently campaigning for the White House on a public vow to, in his words, "make appropriate use of Special Forces, cyber warfare, and other overt and covert actions to inflict maximum damage on cartel leadership, infrastructure, and operations."

The former president has not presented specific details in public about these plans — for example, how many U.S. troops he'd be willing to send into sovereign Mexican territory. But, the three sources tell Rolling Stone, in conversations with close MAGA allies, including at least one Republican lawmaker, Trump has privately endorsed the idea of covertly deploying — with or without the Mexican government's consent — special-ops units that would be tasked with, among other missions, assassinating the leaders and top enforcers of Mexico's powerful and most notorious drug cartels

The report continued:

One of the sources, who discussed the issue with Trump earlier this year, recalls the ex-president saying that the U.S. government should have a "kill list of drug lords," as this source describes Trump's ideas, of the most powerful and infamous cartel figures that American Special Forces would be assigned to kill or capture in a potential second Trump administration.

Just a few short years ago, the idea of using Tier 1 operators and suicide drones to knock out cartel leaders in Mexico would've been deemed too extreme, but not anymore, as the drug crisis leaves 100,000 Americans dead per year. 

In a separate report, David Asher, a senior fellow at Hudson Institute and former senior advisor to the State Department on China, noted that the Department of Justice has not taken down a major narcotics trafficking bank in decades. 

The last significant criminal law enforcement operation against a major bank occurred in 1988 when Bank Credit Commerce International — at the time one of the ten largest banks on the planet — was targeted and eventually put out of business with its dirty executives taken away in chains.

"There needs to be a top-down targeting approach against the Mexican cartels and their Chinese partners with military force being part of the strategy ala Pablo Escobar. As we approach 100,000 American deaths yearly from fentanyl, we must truly go to war against drug traffickers and designate them as the terrorists that they are. The Treasury Department should sanction and DOJ indict Mexican banks holding cartel cash — it's hard to believe that a major Mexican bank has never been taken down before. No more "too big to fail, too big to jail,"" Asher noted.

With the possibility of Tier 1 operators taking out drug cartels, if Trump is reelected, there's also an increasing chance the DoJ could sanction dirty Mexican banks to kill cartels financially.